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Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic in Oradea

The hygienic properties of HI-MACS® make it perfect for this dental clinic’s reception area
  • Location Oradea, Romania
  • Design studio3plus
  • Material HI-MACS® Diamond White S034
  • Fabrication Furniture Vision
  • Photo Credit ©Radu Malasincu

Starting with an unfinished, grey open space, the team of architects from studio3plus transformed it into the latest Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic in Oradea, Romania. Located on the ground floor of a residential complex, the space gave the designers a free rein when it came time to complete the interior design project.

For the reception, as the busiest area of the clinic, a suitable design was needed for every aspect of the furnishings, adapting them to the structural and architectural limitations of the space. In addition, they wanted to conceal the existing pillars, and required a waiting area for patients, which both had an influence on the selection of a striking zigzag design for the ceiling and walls.

The use of a vibrant green colour for the inside of the entrance and hallway, laid out in a variety of different hues, creates a sense of unity throughout the entire space, which both divides and visually differentiates the space: reception, waiting area and access to the different exam rooms.

This work with planes and colours is highly reminiscent of the primary aesthetics of one of the most distinguished masters of the Bauhaus, Josef Albers, who explored the paradoxical qualities of painting in relation to three-dimensional space and who also discovered the overlap between visual appearance and the psychological effects of colour.

From the entrance, there is one feature that breaks with the colours of the area and which attracts the eyes directly to it: the imposing reception desk, made of HI-MACS® Diamond White. Despite the broad range of colours and patterns that are available from HI-MACS®, the simplicity of the pure Diamond White not only makes the counter the focal point of the entrance, but also establishes a strong perception of hygiene and cleanliness, which is essential in a dental clinic.

For the project’s architects, the choice of HI-MACS® acrylic stone was based on the excellent properties of the material: its thermoformability and completely smooth, non-porous and seamless surface, making it perfect for an anti-pathogenic environment. This uniformity of the material makes it extremely hygienic and ideal for use in medical and healthcare environments, not to mention exceedingly easy to clean and maintain.

With regard to the suitability of the material for healthcare applications, HI-MACS® has received the prestigious LGA hygiene certification, which endorses its fantastic benefits for the food, hospitality and healthcare sectors. This next-generation acrylic stone material not only possesses internationally renowned resistance to mould, dirt, viruses, bacteria and a multitude of chemicals, but is also emission-free, non-toxic, and highly resistant and durable.

With this project the team from studio3plus has demonstrated that healthcare needs are not inconsistent with a design that creates a peaceful, fun and protective atmosphere for patients.

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