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Attimi by Heinz Beck

Design of Heinz Beck’s New Restaurant in CityLife
  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Design Studio Novembre di Fabio Novembre
  • Material HI-MACS® Frosty
  • Fabrication Blue Red Group
  • Photo Credit © Andrea Martiradonna

A new generation material with a mineral look: HI-MACS®, in the Volcanics finish, was used for the spectacular counter at “Attimi,” the new casual dining restaurant from Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck in Milan’s CityLife district.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments”, wrote legendary Italian author Cesare Pavese. Architect Fabio Novembre used these words as the basis for his new restaurant, “Attimi by Heinz Beck”. Attimi, which means “moments” in Italian, is designed for bistro dining at any moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner. Located in CityLife, a redeveloped district in the heart of new Milan, Attimi offers authentic and unique gourmet experiences conceived by Heinz Beck, a German-born chef and recipient of three Michelin stars, and has already become a benchmark for food and wine in the Lombard capital. The premises were created thanks to a collaboration between Beck & Maltese Consulting and Chef Express (Cremonini Group).

The casual dining restaurant – a forest of chairs, sofas, stools, and seats with various table configurations – is arranged around columns that separate the space into different areas: Cocktail, Dining, Aperitive, and Bistro. The furnishings come in a wide range of neutral colours, predominantly greys, with some splashes of brighter colours. The centre of attention is unquestionably the large, eye-catching counter. Although it appears to be mineral agglomerate, in reality it was created using HI-MACS® solid surface in the Frosty finish, part of the Volcanics collection. Made from minerals, natural pigment and acrylic, unlike stone.

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