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Exhibition LG Hausys Flooring at DOMOTEX ASIA 2019 23.04.2019

LG Hausys Flooring was presented at DOMOTEX ASIA 2019 in Shanghai, China from 26th to 28th March, 2019.
As the most important flooring exhibition in Asia Pacific, DOMOTEX ASIA 2019 attracts 1,500 exhibitors and more than 60,000 professional visitors
while being the go-to-market launch platform for about 1,000 new products every year.

LG Hausys focused to present total flooring line-up with diversity of design not only for commercial set also residential set as well.
Especially, newly launched PVC free flooring ‘PURE+’ was gotten a lot of attention at the side of differentiated technology.
Besides, competitive point of LG Hausys at this year was an easy expression of nature.
To people who want to interior own space with more naturals, LG Hausys ‘Stone & Wood Collection’
and Premium LVT ‘PRESTG’ shown an easy way to setup with diverse design and easy installation.

Newly launched PVC free flooring LG Hausys PURE+’s main material is based on TPE which is Thermoplastic Elastomer. As PURE+ have characteristics of rubber, it can be 100% recyclable. Also, it is a fire-safe product that a smoke and poisonous gas emission is extremely low in case of fire.
(Non-emission for Cl and Gas) PURE+ will lead LG Hausys flooring as the new generation of eco flooring.


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