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LX Hausys provides a variety of solutions that can revitalize a space through its business in the fields of building decorative materials, industrial films, and automotive materials components. With our commitment to creating value-added spaces where humans and nature exist in harmony, we strive to present innovative products that cater to the taste, interest, and lifestyle of our customers.


Building & Decorative Materials

Building & Decorative Materials

Kitchens and bathrooms that reflect different lifestyles of various customers, windows and coated glass that deliver remarkable insulation and durability performance, comfortable, and safe eco-friendly flooring and wallcovering, insulation products that boast exceptional insulation, acrylic solid surface and engineered stone most sought after by world-renowned architects, interior and decoration films and doors with sensuous design and functions, these are all products that we supply to create healthy and safe spaces.

Industrial Film

Industrial Film

We create the special finishing touches to space by delivering home appliance films and sign & graphic materials with outstanding designs. Based on our material processing and surface treatment technology, we have successfully materialized various designs, providing excellent quality in the fields of stain and scratch resistance.

Automotive Materials & Components

Automotive Materials & Components

We provide lightweight parts that contribute to the enhancement of fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of automobiles, as well as a diversified interior design for automobiles. We materialize a safe and comfortable driving space through automotive skins and interior parts that have been well acknowledged as eco-friendly products.


LX Hausys presents the vision of “Creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces”. This represents our goal to provide eco-conscious and energy-efficient materials and products as a trendsetter in creating a future space realizing an aesthetically-pleasing and human-friendly design. This also shows our will to create living spaces that bring contentment to our customers by placing customer satisfaction as the top priority. LX Hausys pursues the three customer values of Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving, and Human-Friendly. We provide eco-friendly materials through diversification of materials to pursue the value of Eco-friendliness, and we have been accomplishing Energy Saving by enhancing energy performance with windows and doors with outstanding insulating capability, high-performance insulation materials, and lightweight automotive parts. In addition, we are realizing the Human-Friendliness by raising the value of living through our human-friendly designs and innovation in distribution to expand the customer communication touchpoints.

We deliver a healthy and flourishing life to our customers by designing spaces that harmonize with nature through eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials.


Eco - friendly

Shift to eco-friendly materials by improving diversity in material use (Expand eco-friendly products/materials)


Energy Saving

Deliver systems & solutions that maximize energy efficiency (High-quality windows/green car materials)

We improve the quality of life and establish future trends in living spaces through aesthetically-pleasing, emotional and human-friendly designs.


Human – friendly

Strengthen reliable and impressive contact points with customers (Reinforce brand power and innovation in distribution)

We help to create spaces that bring contentment to our customers.

Core Values

LX Hausys shares the four core values of “sensitivity to customers”, “teamwork based on individual strength”, “world-class expertise”, and “challenge based on creativity and autonomy” with our stakeholders in order to fulfill its management philosophy and vision.


To the voice of customers

  • Understanding customer needs and market changes
  • Realization of potential custome needs / wants eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials.


To the voice of customers

  • Self-confidence / Positive Thinking / Individuality
  • Creation of a pleasant work culture for young employees
  • Integration of their diverse individual strengths


The voice of customers

  • Customer acknowledgement as the world’s best
  • Competition with the world’s best companies


The voice of customers

  • Environment that fosters creativity based on expert knowledge
  • Establishing an environment where employees can take responsibilities for their actions and manage themselves to grow via personal development as the world’s best

Key Perfomance

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