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Beautiful penthouse featuring HIMACS on the coast in Nieuwpoort

Beautiful penthouse featuring HIMACS on the coast in Nieuwpoort

This wonderful penthouse in a coastal building in the town of Nieuwpoort, Belgium has a terrace, 100 m², which is so much more than a simple brick terrace: a genuine hanging garden made of next generation materials like HIMACS.

For this elegant penthouse, the owners challenged the landscape architects at Atelier Artisjok to deliver a landscaped rooftop terrace with a difference.

Coordinated by Atelier Artisjok, a team of landscape artists, engineers, architects, contractors and suppliers took up the challenge to transform this hanging garden. The most advanced techniques were employed: subjacent metal load distribution structures and an automated sprinkler system.

There was just one constraint: the choice of materials needed to be suited to the often harsh climate conditions, with the wind, sand and salt sweeping the coast in winter. In the search for corrosion resistant materials, the choice was simple: HIMACS which, along with its intrinsic qualities, fitted perfectly with the composite deck and the polyester utilized in the large plant boxes.

Thanks to the material’s versatility and its availability in different colours Ivory White and Black Granite were chosen here –HIMACS was used in many areas: the shower, the hot tub, the steps, the windbreaks… even the cat flap!

HIMACS Ivory White (a more subtle shade than the popular Alpine White) dominates the colour palette. As for the accents of HIMACS Black Granite, they provide an elegant contrast with the white structures, all of which harmonises with the grey of the decking.

Evergreen plants add a fresh touch where everything has been designed to foster a sense of well-being: from the secluded terrace lounge protected from the wind, ideal for long summer nights, to the comfortable, warm bespoke veranda created for meals with friends in the shade of automated parasols which is well protected from the sea breeze.

A ubiquitous hot tub, used for star-gazing sessions after dinner, is supplemented with a luxurious shower, both installed along the sun-warmed brick wall with a stunning view of the nearby dunes.

Above all, the whole roof terrace is simple to maintain, the non-porous quality of HIMACS means the material can withstand the most extreme weather, ensuring a pristine finish for the years to come.

Location Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Architecture & Design Atelier Artisjok Bvba – Peter Duerinck, Belgium
Material used HIMACS Ivory White S029 & Black Granite G031
Fabrication L+A Projects, Belgium
Photo Credit © Pieter D’Hoop
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