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HIMACS at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

Touch-screen information kiosks made of HIMACS at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

The ends of the world at the tips of the fingers

To improve user services and assistance, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has just installed self-service touch-screen information kiosks embedded in HIMACS structures, as part of the airport’s omni-channel strategy.

The companies Prestop and BIS | Econocom, partners throughout the entire project (from consulting and design to production and installation), made use of the latest high-tech software to develop this solution.

The organic shape, comprising a steel column covered with Alpine White HIMACS, includes a by Prestop custom-built 32” PCAP touch screen equipped with all the necessary devices, like a barcode scanner, a microphone, window speakers and a webcam. 

The software developed by Schiphol and secured by SiteKiosk provides a comprehensive information pack going as far as to offer personalized services. Travelers can now use a simple fingertip to check flight information, view maps and read frequently-asked questions and their answers. For more complex issues, travelers can communicate directly with a Schiphol employee via a video chat and, if necessary, a mobile assistant will come to them to offer in-person assistance.

The thermoformability of HIMACS enabled the perfect incorporation of the different components, and its smooth, seamless and non-porous surface gives it an immaculate monolithic appearance that will last for many years.

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architecture & Design Prestop bv
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication Cora Techniek - Prestop bv
Photo Credit © Ronald Smits & M. Kuijpers
Other HIMACS supplier: Baars & Bloemhoff