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HIMACS: “Seamless in Pastel” by young designer Natascha Van Reeth

“Seamless in Pastel” The cutting edge project from young designer Natascha Van Reeth with HIMACS

Start-up designer Natascha Van Reeth, founder of Tasch Design based in Antwerp, has commenced her career with a sleek and charming knife set, made totally from HIMACS Lucent Collection.

The super-sharp edge is tempered by the dreamy lucent pastel colours, which gives the knives an almost butter-like appearance. The designer chose HIMACS because of all its great properties: The material is totally non-porous, and as it can be seamlessly finished, no germs or dirt can corrupt the knives, making them the perfect appliance in a kitchen or restaurant. Should any scratches occur, they are very easy to resolve, and the whole set is easily integrated into any interior with its modern looks. The board functions as a knife holder, but can also be used to display food, for example serving as a cheese board set with the knives.

“I found the Lucent colours at the workshop of ‘Artindus’ located in Antwerp. They use different colours from HIMACS, and the lucent collection was my preferred as I love pastel colours. I could imagine in my mind how the knives would look, soft and dreamy, in contrast to the danger and sharpness that a knife usually represents”, says the designer. “As I was designing the knives, I came across some elements that needed to be incorporated: It needs to be sharp, clean, modern and sleek. As well as this it was important to respect the environment, so I needed to think about how my design could create less waste (in the building industry we are responsible for 30% of the waste in the world), so I decided to work with off-cuts, left when making an object in HIMACS”

At present Natascha is working as an Interior Designer with her own business. Her first project, the remodelling of a pharmacy into a hair salon, is due for completion during the summer.

Architecture & Design Natascha Van Reeth – Tasch Design, Belgium
Material used HIMACS Lucent collection: S302 Opal, S303 Sapphire, S304 Ruby, S305 Emerald
Fabrication Den Dam, Belgium
Photo Credit © Natascha Van Reeth
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