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HIMACS takes to the road with the luxurious RoadXplorer

The interior of the RoadXplorer looks more like a luxury home than a motorhome. The floor acts as the frame, a seemingly endless CNC pattern milled into the HIMACS Solid Surface material.

Beer GmbH, led by Master Carpenter and Managing Director Christian Beer, proudly introduces the RoadXplorer, a unique and meticulously crafted mobile home on wheels. This dream home, spanning 12 square meters and accommodating up to six people, is the result of over two years of dedicated development and construction. The RoadXplorer is a testament to premium quality, incorporating cutting-edge technology, components sourced from renowned industry leaders and high-tech materials like HIMACS Solid Surface.

Christian Beer was on the lookout for an expedition vehicle for himself and his family that could offer the same level of technology and quality he provides to his customers in his interior fitting projects. After a fruitless search, he opted to take matters into his own hands.

The Beer company has been constructing exclusive living environments, including motorhomes and yachts, since 1981. Today, the company primarily specializes in exclusive kitchens. However, their latest project marks a return to their roots. The 4x4 all-wheel-drive Mercedes Arocs truck, boasting 350 horsepower, a length exceeding five meters, and a height of nearly four meters, seamlessly integrates efficient engine technology, high-quality on-board electronics, a Webasto underfloor and wall heating system, and an advanced water filtration system.

Crafted with weatherproof larch finished in a dark metallic coating, the exterior exudes durability and style. The unique combination of larch and black steel creates a striking aesthetic, complemented by high-quality aluminium used for windows, doors, tailgate, 3-in-1 tail lift, storage boxes, and roof racks. The unusual choice of larch was made taking inspiration from the Vikings, who protected wood with salt, so the exterior of the vehicle is resistant to salt corrosion.

The interior continues the luxury theme, with white glazed spruce, for an understatedly elegant and welcoming look.

The interior of the RoadXplorer looks more like a luxury home than a motorhome. The floor acts as the frame, a seemingly endless CNC pattern milled into the HIMACS Solid Surface material.  HIMACS is not only perfect for underfloor heating, it is also easy to clean, robust and resistant to water, frost and UV light. The warm HIMACS Babylon Beige tone radiates serene harmony. The floor extends from the entrance area through the dining area to the bathroom - seamlessly in one piece. The creative diamond pattern is not only visually appealing, but also practical as it provides increased slip resistance.

Inside, the RoadXplorer redefines luxury with a well-appointed kitchen featuring soft matte surfaces, lightweight poplar wood furniture support panels, and high-end Italian materials. The dining area transforms into a comfortable sleeping space for two, with additional storage cleverly integrated throughout the vehicle.

The advantages of HIMACS come into play again when showering, both the bathroom and shower floor are the solid surface material. The shower, with all-round water drainage edge, was fitted with black designer fittings in a water-saving design. The hot water comes from the electricity generated by the PV system on the roof, supplemented by an auxiliary hot water heater plus generator. The washbasin was also seamlessly shaped in HIMACS. The toilet area is separated by a door that can be closed when showering. There is also a small washing machine and plugs for cordless vacuum cleaners.

The Starlink system ensures reliable internet connectivity globally, making the RoadXplorer an ideal choice for sabbaticals, home office enthusiasts, or world travellers.

Christian Beer and his family, after an adventurous tour through the Balkans, are already planning their next expedition—a Pan-American tour in South America. The RoadXplorer offers a unique blend of luxury and functionality for those seeking a comfortable and stylish home on the go.

Location Woldersdorf, Germany
Architecture & Design Beer GmbH
Material used HIMACS S102 Babylon Beige
Fabrication Beer GmbH
Photo Credit Beer GmbH
Other HIMACS supplier: Klöpfer Surfaces
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