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HIMACS: Fleur de Lin

Restaurant Fleur de Lin in Belgium, cosmopolitan and stylish nostalgia

The beautiful Fleur de Lin restaurant in Belgium, which opened at the end of 2013, is turning heads in the city. The owners, Chef Lode De Roover and his partner Barbara Dhondt decided to work together to open a stylish restaurant with a touch of nostalgia. The location chosen was the site of a former office in the old mill Van der Eecken, located strategically close to the city center and within the triangle of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.

The owners appointed Design office KLETZ and HIMACS fabricators SAAM to run the project. As the visual appearance was so important, much attention was devoted to the design and the materials used - they needed to be compliant with a series of strict requirements in terms of hygiene, endurance and easy maintenance but at the same time bring a classy, warm and elegant feeling to the design. Naturally HIMACS was the first choice for the fabrication of the bar elements – choosing a mix of different colours from the available range.

The current trend for minimalism in catering was tilted slightly on its head with this restaurant.  Fleur de Lin is a project which is elegantly furnished, a stylish class restaurant where everything has been worked out to the last detail. 

The entrance lounge area has an aperitif bespoke bar made from HIMACS, mixing Black and Verona shades. The original high ceilings of the impressive building were preserved, and acoustic elements were added. The subtle yet strong lines of the furniture collection, Warendorf by KLETZ, add character and the seamless property of HIMACS adds contrast to the overall concept. The words inlayed in HIMACS Alpine White, combined with a subtle gold leaf detail demonstrates SAAM’s craftsmanship and is repeated in the retaurant’s business card.

The restaurant area impresses with a beautiful industrial trendy look. The authentic wooden long counter of the mill was preserved and perfectly integrates with the new materials. The new look was possible with the help of the solid surface, which has also been used for the cooling towers to help keep the wine at the right temperature. The interiors are interspersed with modern blue armchairs and tables giving Fleur de Lin a contemporary, classic appearance. That same line of perfection is also extended to the private dining room, the conference room and the restrooms.

Chef - Lode De Roover, who was best young chef in 2011, has fallen in love with HIMACS. His private kitchen is designed by both KLETZ and SAAM and is also equipped with the new generation solid surface.

Location Zele, Lokerenbaan 100, former industrial site of Spinnerij Van der Eecken
Architecture & Design KLETZ, Belgium
Material used HIMACS Alpine White, Black, Verona, Babylon Beige
Fabrication SAAM, Belgium
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