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HIMACS: Mountain Silver Resort

HIMACS lightens up the Silver Mountain Resort

Located in the tourist centre of Poiana Brasov (Romania), the Silver Mountain resort sought to achieve the highest standards of excellence through the harmonious interaction of luxury and nature. The project designers have created a holiday destination reflecting a lifestyle concept within a natural setting.

Based on its reputation in architecture and design in Romania, the Nuca design studio was chosen to execute this project.  Project architect and coordinator, Robert Marin, wanted to create a warm, welcoming environment in an elegant style.  He selected materials radiating a natural aesthetic, such as the latest generation HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone and wood.

The focal point of the design is the bar counter, inspired by the principal features of the landscape to connect inside and outside.  The countertop was built with HIMACS Opal whilst Alpine White was used for the edges. The inner part of the translucent Opal was engraved with the sponsor’s logo and lit with LEDs.  The overall effect is a captivating contrast which synchronises with the relaxed environment. As a result of the seamless joins of the acrylic stone, the bar has an elegant, fluid appearance, contrasting with the wooden finishes.

In addition to the aesthetic and structural aspects, the bar had to be fully functional. HIMACS was ideally suited to the restaurant project owing to its particular set of properties: the material is ecological, easy to maintain, resistant to chemical and mechanical operations, uniform, thermoformable in three dimensions and translucent.

Using acrylic stone, the architect’s vision was easily implemented with a refined ecological design which blends perfectly with the environment

The Club, decorative lights in the Lucent range

The bar of this modern club bar was created using HIMACS Lucent, lighting and RGB technology to create these spectacular effects.

As a result of seamless joins with HIMACS, the countertop gives a monolithic impression, appearing to be shaped from a single piece.  In addition, the thermoformable properties of this acrylic stone made it possible to gently mould the counter’s four rounded corners.

Architect Robert Marin pursued a functional style so that the metallic structure supporting the entire bar is perceived as a shadow across the translucent cover.

The bar’s facades are created using MDF coated in a water-based matt paint (Supercoat  extramatt) with a low environmental impact but high resistance to the inevitable hard knocks a bar receives.  Wood was used for the rounded surfaces of the bar, vacuum formed and painted with Supercoat Extramatt.

By using materials with a low environmental impact such as HIMACS or treated water-based wooden parts, it was possible to achieve an ecological design which compliments the environment perfectly.

Location Poiana Brasov, Romania
Architecture & Design Robert Marin, Nuca Studio
Material used HIMACS, Opal
Fabrication Atvangarde Surfaces
Photo Credit Stelian Popa
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