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HIMACS: Milan Design Week "Sparkle Krib"

Sparkle Krib by Karim Rashid at the Fuorisalone in Milan

This year during Milan Design Week (8-13 April), the Superstudio Group is organising the Temporary Museum for New Design, this being the most exclusive, important event on the Fuorisalone circuit. An unmissable appointment that is all about design, research, the quality of materials, technology and innovation.


Superstudio Più, located at Via Tortona 27, is the largest private location in Milan as well as being the location which has confirmed the area as THE point of reference for fairs and art, design and fashion events, an iconic, highly prestigious and fascinating place which is internationally renowned.

For its 2014 edition, the Temporary Museum is enriching itself with numerous special projects.

The common thread linking the various offerings concerns innovation, the imagination, originality and quality, both on the level of ideas and of production.

In this context, LG Hausys, a world leader in the technological sphere, is also taking part in the event and presenting a concept suspended between reality and the imagination, weaving together the lines of an authentic, visionary project.

The living space proposed by LG Hausys, an exclusive installation born of its collaboration with Karim Rashid, the eclectic designer, has as its undisputed protagonist HIMACS, New Generation Acrylic Stone, in a range of colours, energy and creativity arising from its much-prized artistic and architectural value.

Sparkle Krib: freedom of imagination

This surprising “apartment” design is named Sparkle Krib (from sparkle, obviously, and crib, a home) and is a study of the visual power of sinuous lines and colours. The concept is presented as a suggestive hymn to the duality of the subject matter, mixing idealism and pragmatism. Creativity is found amongst elements which are inserted harmoniously into a space having organic, fluid lines, as if it were moving: the furnishings are simple and essential, but have great personality, characterised by innovative and futuristic design and technology.

The space takes form through the clever use of HIMACS, highlighting and stressing its extraordinary material and technical potential which best express the concept of “freedom of imagination”. Thanks to its flexible structure, which is easy to work with, this New Generation Acrylic Stone actually lends itself by its nature to easily supporting the imagination of architects and designers, giving life to its varied forms and ideas, even the most ambitious ones.

Together with HIMACS, favouring the conceptual space, Karim Rashid also uses part of the remaining range of LG Hausys products, which include Deco-foil, Floors and Automotive Skin, all having in common the strong quality of their materials, specialisations and performance.

Once again, the features of thermoformability and translucence which characterise HIMACS turn out to be perfect for creating a welcoming future-oriented space, an environment which one can easily see as personal, even though it is visionary.

The internal open space embraces visitors and gives them an unrepeatable experience of the senses, where sight and touch are harmonised in a single emotional horizon. The boundaries between the imagination and reality, the kitchen and living room, day and night are intangible – removed to underline the power of the mind, devoid of any obstacle or limit.

Karim Rashid talks about Sparkle Krib

Karim Rashid tells us: "LG Hausys’ HIMACS allows me to create an amorphous solid-surface landscape that denotes a world with no boundaries. The surrounding interior of the LG Hausys exhibition becomes a state between liquid plastic and a solid material object. The results are organic forms that softly translate into and out of flat planar surfaces. The overall feeling creates a state of endlessness, a continual ephemeral experience.

I designed the LG Hausys space to bring enjoyment, not encumbrances, and increase our level of engagement and of beauty. We can develop the inanimate world to be an extension of our emotions and our physical being. The LG Hausys exhibition encompasses all the needs of an open contemporary fluid and technological home. The holistic approach to the full space shows how our lives are elevated when we experience beauty, comfort, luxury, performance, smartness, technology and utility seamlessly together.

Our domestic environments have a relationship with us, emotionally, physically, socially and psychosomatically. Spaces and Objects play into the conditioning of our behaviours, it dictates the way with live, the way we interact, the modus operandi of our experiences, So if we change our objects, we change our world. Change our environments and we change our social behaviours. We make a better world through design.

Sparkle house is a 130 sq. meter home made from my collections of LG Hausys’ HIMACS Sparkle, Deco-foil, Interior film and Automotive skin”

Location Temporary Museum for New Design - Superstudio Più (Milan, Italy)
Architecture & Design Karim Rashid
Material used HIMACS Sparkle Colours
Photo Credit Federico Torra
Other Curator: Sung-hee PARK
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