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HIMACS: "Scape" collection by NotOnlyWhite

HIMACS Inspires the New NotOnlyWhite Bathroom Collections Once Again

“Leaving out anything that is unnecessary and focusing on product functionality” - this is the feature shared by all NotOnlyWhite designs. A special characteristic that is clearly reflected in the Scape collection.

Renowned Dutch brand NotOnlyWhite has again opted for HIMACS to create its new collection Scape 2015, designed by Dutch designer Joost van der Vecht. This collection is unique in that for the first time, the firm has opted for designs by an external designer, in addition to the collections by Marike Andeweg. The premise of NotOnlyWhite is to provide bathroom solutions based on products that are special and striking for the simplicity of their designs.

HIMACS acrylic stone was the material chosen for executing this new basin collection due to its excellent hygienic properties. Thanks to its non-porous surface, the material does not absorb moisture. In addition to being waterproof, it is also extraordinarily effective at repelling stains, making it easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it is resistant to scratches and wear. All of these properties make HIMACS the ideal material for bathrooms.

The Scape collection comprises two basin series: Scape Monolith and Scape Wall-Hung. The first consists of three free-standing basins, while the second consists of two wall-mounted basins. Both series include different pieces to achieve distinct results. With a design featuring carefully chosen ratios and the right mix of colours and materials – such as HIMACS acrylic stone – Scape is a modern object full of intrigue.

The collection has specifically been given the name Scape to indicate the various “landscapes” possible by combining them with the HIMACS basin.

Scape Monolith

Formed by a single rectangular block executed in HIMACS Black, with a stately, elegant look, this is a ground breaking model. The simple design stands out for its slim, 12-mm outer edge and subtle plinth lifting it slightly off the floor.

On the inside, there are three different options the complete the Scape Monolith series. The first option is formed by a grid and the second by blocks, both executed in HIMACS Alpine White. The third is formed by a single piece of Bianco Carrara marble that blends perfectly with the colour of the HIMACS Black. This variety of possibilities offers plenty of scope for arranging accessories in a fun, unique way.

Scape Wall-Hung

The wall series Scape Wall-Hung is executed in HIMACS Alpine White and available in two forms. This model also offers the option of either a grid or block inlay, the latter of which allows the basin to be separated into two parts. In addition, there is also the possibility of completing each of the basins with two wall-mounted faucets. The inlays for this series are available in different colours of HIMACS.                 

With this new bathroom collection, HIMACS illustrates the versatility of a material that meets all the requirements and guarantees in each project, offering the highest levels of quality and functionality, all while keeping design firmly in focus.

Architecture & Design Joost van der Vecht
Material used HIMACS Black and Alpine White
Fabrication NotOnlyWhite
Photo Credit Moni van Bruggen
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