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LX Hausys launches the revolutionary HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming

LX Hausys launches HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming: A revolutionary innovation that pushes the boundaries of Solid Surface design.

At the forefront of innovation as always, HIMACS benefits from the high-tech infrastructure and development experience of the LX Group who regularly bring stunning innovations to life.

Recently, LX Hausys has launched HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming, an innovative formula that pushes boundaries of solid surface shaping to a whole new level with 30% more thermoplastic capabilities, the biggest innovation for the Solid Surface history since it’s inception in 1967.

The innovative formula allows for more dramatic shaping: the minimum internal radius of 6mm (previously 50mm) opens a whole new design dimension. The new product is more flexible thanks to the thermoforming process, which allows designers to create much sharper curves and organic designs. More accentuated curves can be achieved now without compromising the properties of the material. HIMACS remains resistant, easy to work with and to look after.

The quality of the new formula is clearly superior, useful not only in furniture design which often involves intricate detailing, but also in kitchen and bathroom design. The radii of deep-drawn thermoformed washbasins for example, can be made significantly smaller, improving the size of the washbasin and its aesthetic design.

The new HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming product in the iconic Alpine White colour is offered in 12mm panel thickness, in a 760 x 3680 mm sheet size, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The warranty conditions are the same as for all other HIMACS products. Imagination is the only limit to design now.

HIMACS. Because Quality Wins. 

Architecture & Design LX Hausys
Material used HIMACS Ultra-Thermoforming
Photo Credit Studio Podrini