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HIMACS: Ora-ito wall

HIMACS ® is transformed into a spectacular mural

Acrylic stone new generation  HIMACS ®  was chosen by the famous French artist  Ora-ïto  his recent participation in the exhibition Wallpaper / Reebok  London. Produced by  Candido Hermida  in Spain, the choice of HIMACS ® is imposed by his  qualities  and his remarkable visual and tactile effects. Capacity  thermoforming  of this unique material offered to the artist limitless possibilities to realize the project and create a stunning three-dimensional sculpture.

Guest among the five most creative artists whose fame is international, the Ora-Ito contribution is an interpretation of sneakers Reebok RealFlex  shaped wall mount designed from HIMACS ®.

Ora-Ito himself defines his work as a "sole icon of basketball." Using HIMACS ® for this creation, the designer was able to experiment with various forms of sculpture inspired by aspects reminiscent of the RealFlex sole "hidden art". Its forms evoke a topographic landscape that appeals to the touch and allows you to discover the unique qualities of this exceptional material.

This amazing sculpture is produced by Candido Hermida in which " Working for a world-famous designer Ora-Ito is as always a challenge but also a pleasure. His creations are wonderful in design, yet very complex in manufacturing. In this case the difficulties were our understanding of the design but also the setting of the software that controls the automatic CNC machine, to obtain the required shape in 3D. "


Architecture & Design Ora-ïto, France
Matériaux utilisés HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication Candido Hermida, Spain
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