The Masterpiece collection from Viatera allows you to channel your inner artist and add color to any canvas with a palette of exquisite hues inspired by nature. Our quartz surfaces, with both subtle and bold designs, can inspire you to create a masterwork of light and shadow in any space.


The Musica collection from Viatera offers you quartz surfaces that reflect the elegant and timeless beauty of the finest classical music. Conduct the perfect symphony of light and dark hues with surfaces that reflect the soaring heights and rich, deep complexity of the works of the world’s greatest composers.

Long Vein

Soft and natural vein on white-hued base color. Viatera’s genuine and unique long vein collection.

Short Vein

Neutral and gray-hued short vein patterns. Viatera’s short vein colors can add a natural touch to any space.


Simple yet classical. From monochrome colors to granite-like colors.

Mono Quartz

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Multiple Quartz

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Viatera marble collection contains natural marble stone inside, and is perfect for any space. Terrazo patterns are newly added.