LG Hausys Premium Wallcovering meeting domestic and international Firefighting standards protects precious human life and property. Excellent resist printing performance with high-level wallcovering design gives satisfaction.

TEX. GRACIA (contract)

High-functional commercial(fire-resistant treated) wallcovering
and propose various solid & pastel colors for harmonious space


Premium deep-emboss wallcovering for decorating a stately
atmosphere of space in European style


LG Hausys Eco-Friendly Wallcovering uses natural ingredients from corns, sugar canes and etc. for its surface in order to allay concerns about several harmful substances and make a safe space.

ZEA Fresh

Eco-friendly wallcovering made with vegetable resin extracted
from corn. Propose your own space solely for relaxation with
romantic tone, warm colors and soft curved lines

ZEA Fabric

Eco-friendly wallcovering made with vegetable resin extracted
from corn. Representing the surface of fabric with the
specialized fabric-embossing technique


Designed sophisticatedly with realistic textures, LG Hausys Design Wallcovering makes spaces refined.


Arabesque is the space of presentwhere restlessly advances
based on the heritage of the past as well as the space of future
where provides endless inspiration.


BELLE MAISON' completed by the art wall that combines the
modern mood and classical style and d?cor items in soft
curved lines introduces a comfortable world of relaxation.


It's classic and elegant at times, or modern and sophisticated at other times. The design of beauty can endure time. A timeless
design can also complete a space elegantly.


Expresses outstandingly glamorous and luxurious spirit inspired
from the classics and contemporary mood and enjoy opulent
palette of colors


Decorate comfortable and beautiful home by reflecting your own simple and characterful taste.
Mix and match various colors and materials fitting the space, and give a boost with the sense of free bohemian.