LG Hausys’ PLATROM provides unparalleled gas decomposition and deodorization performance compared to existing photo-catalytic materials under visible-light; integrating platinum’s high catalytic activity and Tungsten-trioxide’s superb energy absorbing capability from visible-light spectrum.

Product Specification

  • MaterialPlatinum Loaded Tungsten Trioxide
  • ShapePowder
  • SizeD50 ≤ 500nm
  • ColorGrey Green
  • OdorOdorless
  • pH Level3~4 (Weak Acid)

key Features

Commercialized using LG Hausys’ Patented Technology
PLATROM absorbs and utilizes large amount of energy from UV & visible light
Wide range of potential applications
TiO2 : Widely used photo-catalyst
Mod. TiO2 : Modified to induce activation under visible light

Performance Comparison under Visible Light


  • 5 Major Indoor Harmful Gases

    Material Formaldehyde Toluene Acetaldehyde Ammonia Acetic Acid
    Removal Efficiency(%) Removal Rate
    CO2 evolution
    PLATROM 91 81 87 405.1 125.3
    Cu-TIiO2 - 0 0 9.7 3.8
    Cu-Wo3 0 36 34 6.0 6.7
  • Odor in Daily Life (Rotten Food Smell) Removal Efficiency(%)

    Hydrogen Sulfide Methyl Mercaptan
    90 99
  • Other Harmful Gases (TVOC) Removal Efficiency (%)

    Benzen Ethyl benzene m-, p-, o- xylene Styrene
    80 99 99 99
  • Anti-bacterial Activity (%)

    Escherichia coli Staphylococcus Aureus
    ≥ 99.9 ≥ 99.9

Application for Residential Air Purifier Filter

Gas Re-emission Prevention Mechanism

Strength of PLATROM® Coated Filter over Conventional Filter

PLATROM filter provides enhanced lifetime compared to Conventional Filters

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