LUSMAPOL is micro-sized spherical powder that is manufactured through LG Hausys’ Patented Process.

The spherical shape provides strengths such as Maximized Flow-ability, Large Surface Area, and Smooth Sensation, which are proven to add extreme values for specialty applications such as Personal Care Products and Composites.

Product Specification for
Personal Care Application

PLA Powder
Minimized Skin Irritation
Smooth Sensation
High Dissolution Rate
High Dispensability
  • ColorWhite
  • SizeD50≈3, 5μm
  • Density0.28 g/cm3

Product Specification for
Composite Application (Bi-Polar Plate)

PP Powder
Excellent Chemical Resistance & Strength
Electrical Conductivity
Gas Permeability
Impact Modifier
  • ColorWhite
  • SizeD50≈15μm
  • Density0.45 g/cm3
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