Wood Collection leads you with nature's comfort and relaxation
Through our special coating and our unique printing method, we implement the texture of natural wood and the deep feeling of color. Through this, you will be able to enjoy beauty that can be felt inside the forest.

Classic Wood

Classic wood embodies gentle breath of wood grain naturally as
it feels.

Premium Wood

Premium Wood is a suitable surface finish that can naturally
embody the texture and color of solid wood, giving a
sophisticated feel to your space.

Common Wood

Common Wood is the best collection for whom looking for a
basic wood patterns with wide range of options.

Soft Wood

Our Wood products maximize surface reality through unique
printing methods, and provide you with comfort through mild
matte finishes.

Big Wood

Reduced repetition of patterns with 1.5 times bigger unit
pattern compared to existing products maximizes the feeling of


Rich solid color schemes create trendy and sophisticated design as well as refined style of space.

Common / Embo / Gloss

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High Gloss

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Soft reflection of luxury metal provides feelings as if you are staying in an exotic and fancy first-class hotel.


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In addition to its subtle shine, the elegance of the abstract pattern will give you a variety of looks in your space.


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Big Marble

Create magnificent and stylish space with big size marble

Nature Stone

Stone Collection that reflects the look of concrete and brick wall naturally.


Elreina Collection that gives a variety of luxurious styles to your


Outdoor series is for surface finishing materials to decorate building exterior including windows, panels, doors and others.