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A dream loft in Eindhoven with HIMACS

HIMACS selected for the bathroom of this industrial loft

Designer François Hannes, Egon Deuze and the Willuks interior design studio were responsible for making this home, located in Eindhoven, the Dutch design capital, a reality. The highlight of the bathroom is the bright, elegant Alpine White S028 shade of HIMACS, which combines with the wood and other materials for a natural aesthetic, creating a space where beauty and functionality flow together in harmony. 

This loft, with its wonderful location and endless possibilities, posed a challenge for the designers and interior designers: achieving a warm, cosy ambience to counterbalance the coldness of its industrial details.

The mission to create an atmosphere where luxury, warmth and light came together—without losing part of the industrial charm—meant that the choice of materials, furnishings, accessories and lighting was crucial. The designers took on this challenge by making wood one of their main choices, as its warmth and natural beauty flow in perfect harmony with the cold, modern nature of the exposed concrete beams.

In the kitchen area, the large island and the dark-coloured appliances share the space with oak veneer units, resulting in a modern but also homely aesthetic. The two tables, positioned at either end of the central island, give the room continuity, tying it together with the dining room and creating an attractive social gathering space in this home.


Taking advantage of the large windows that make this loft a bright and airy space, the interior designers were able to choose both a light oak veneer for the kitchen area, as well as another darker colour for the bedroom and the reading area, behind the dining room. The highlight of the reading room is the made-to-measure bookcase with warm lighting details that provide a cosy, elegant touch.

To counterbalance the coldness of its industrial origins, this home’s interior design took advantage of soft, warm materials such as velvet, sherpa fleece and wool, present in cushions and rugs in both the bedroom and dining room.

The lighting was also a factor that had to be considered carefully: despite already having a space with a large amount of light coming into it, the choice of lamps and fittings with warm-toned bulbs was key in achieving the cosy, homey atmosphere of this loft.


The goal of unity between the various elements continues in the bathroom, where a personal spa has been designed, including a Jacuzzi bath and sauna, as well as a large double-height shower. In this spacious and well-distributed space, simple cladding features alongside other accessories with a warm and natural inspiration, such as the oak veneer furniture, plants and decorative details in shades of gold.

The incredible result achieved by François Hannes and Willuks is not only based on visual beauty, but also on the choice of materials that will ensure the durability and functional nature of the home. This is the reason for incorporating HIMACS, present in the sink unit, for which the iconic Alpine White S028 shade was chosen.

For this corner dedicated to wellbeing, it was essential to be able to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness, something that HIMACS is renown for. Its thermoformable nature, with endless design possibilities, made it the ideal material for this bathroom, giving the owners exactly what they were looking for in the bathroom.

Moreover, the seamless, non-porous surface prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria throughout. This, together with its resistance to impacts and scratches, guarantees the durability and ease of maintenance of this room.

Location Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Architecture & Design François Hannes, Egon Deuze
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Willuks Interieurprojecten B.V. Egon Deuze
Photo Credit © Peter Baas
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