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Fascinating HIMACS shapes and designs at the IMM

Lights, colours and bathrooms: fascinating HIMACS shapes and designs at the IMM

HIMACS will appear in the world of baths, colours and light at the International Interiors Show (IMM) in Cologne on 18–24 January 2016. In hall 4.2 at stand B-046, LX Hausys will be presenting the fascinating possibilities of the modern acrylic stone that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to both aesthetics and functionality. It is pure design, thermoformable, durable, non-porous, waterproof and hygienic, and can be processed with no visible lines or grooves. HIMACS, the solid surface material, demonstrates these incomparable characteristics especially in areas where interior design is in high demand.


Designer Marike Andeweg and the black "Scape" washbasin

The myriad of possibilities especially for bathrooms is also the impetus that drives Marike Andeweg, designer and founder of the renowned Dutch brand Not Only White, to realize her extraordinary bathroom creations with HIMACS.

Designer Joost van der Vecht only recently designed creative, free-standing black washbasin monoliths for her. This collection, "Scape", takes centre stage of the HIMACS exhibition at the IMM. Marike Andeweg will personally present and explain the design and possibilities of this collection, which can be customised with various inserts and accessories.


HIMACS new washbasins collection will be on display as well.

The three newest models from the basic collection stand in stark contrast to the monoliths of "Scape". They are slim, structured basins in square, rectangular and round form, available in Alpine White and Nougat Cream.

They were developed for top-mounted installation on bathroom countertops and custom designer surfaces. Their simple design matches a wide range of materials, from natural stone and wood to vintage-style tiling.


Colours 2016: three colours from designer Marcel Wanders

There are five new colours for 2016: the LUCIA collection stands out with inlaid particles, creating new material depth and emphasising an organic look-and-feel.

The colours vary from opaque to translucent and the mixture of micro-flecks and large chips lend them an intensive luminosity.

Three new shades were created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders: Ice Queen, Shadow Queen and Star Queen. These colours "open up an entire world of polarities: dark against light, black against white and the grey spectrum in between," the designer explains.


HIMACS puts the spotlight on light

Those who manage to pry their gaze away from the amazing bathroom designs and myriad of colours will make another special discovery at the HIMACS stand in Cologne: light.

Lamps produced by DForm show off another unique characteristic of the solid surface material: translucence.

This feature offers countless opportunities for designers, from lamps and backlit furnishings, wall claddings or steps, to privacy windows that still allow light to come through.


HIMACS is also seen on the IMM 2016 on the booth of the magazine FRAME, right at the entrance to the fair. On behalf of the magazine, the Dutch design studio, i26, selected materials for the wall and floor design in an inspiring way. The aim is to create an immaterial experience on a material - fair and represent the three trends: inspired by nature ; anything, anywhere; and smart materials - such as HIMACS.

Location IMM Cologne, 18–24 January 2016, hall 4.2, stand B-046
Architecture & Design LX Hausys - Not Only White
Material used HIMACS
Photo Credit LX Hausys - Not Only White
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