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HIMACS: Architectural Excellence at German Doner Kebab

Elevating Visual Appeal with HIMACS

LX Hausys and James Latham, the distributor of HIMACS in the UK and Ireland, have joined forces with German Doner Kebab (GDK), the UK's fastest-growing fast-food chain, to elevate the visual appeal of their nationwide sites using the inspiring HIMACS material. The impressive quantity of 1,000 sheets of HIMACS Cima and Orange have been used to outfit multiple GDK establishments.
As GDK ambitiously expands its presence, aiming to secure a position among the top three global fast-food chains, maintaining a distinct and recognizable brand identity becomes paramount. Embracing a striking black and orange palette was essential for fostering customer familiarity and promoting brand loyalty, thus ensuring visual consistency across GDK's UK sites.
To ensure a guaranteed level of uniformity, GDK enlisted the expertise of Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, renowned boutique fabricators in the casual dining sector. Given the demanding environment of bustling kitchens and dining areas, the selection of materials played a pivotal role. It was imperative to not only achieve visual appeal but also prioritize durability, hygiene, safety and ease of maintenance, withstanding the rigors of frequent cleaning and exposure to potent detergents.
Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, have chosen HIMACS Cima 12 mm. Exuding a dark and moody demeanor, Cima, a part of the captivating HIMACS 'Volcanics' collection, emulates the elegance of black granite, elevating the interiors to a contemporary and sophisticated level in line with the brand's vision.
Paradigm expertly fabricated and installed Cima in various applications throughout the eatery's interiors, including worktops, booth cappings, and condiment areas. Expanding upon the distinctive GDK orange motif, Paradigm also introduced the vibrant 12mm HIMACS Orange as an accent in larger establishments. Flowing along the floor, it serves as a guiding element for customers, infusing high-traffic areas with visual allure while effectively leading patrons to the tills.

By seamlessly assimilating and complementing natural stone, wood, and leather, HIMACS showcased its ability to harmonise with other materials, contributing to the creation of highly captivating interiors. 

Stephen Redgrave, Director at Paradigm Woodworking Specialists, commented on the project and selection process, stating, "Working with HIMACS has been an incredible experience. Its malleability and thermo-forming capabilities allow for the creation of intriguing curves and shapes. The end results impeccably showcase HIMACS' ability to enhance interiors. Its seamless installation, even in tight spaces, further attests to its excellence. Moreover, HIMACS Orange, which closely matches GDK's logo colour, played a vital role in fulfilling the client's on-brand requirements. The success of this endeavour has fostered the expansion of our relationship with both GDK and James Latham, enabling the delivery of exceptional spaces as new projects emerge."
Redgrave concludes, "Throughout the journey, James Latham provided invaluable assistance, and their solid surfaces team's advice and consultancy were unrivalled."


Location Multiple GDK establishments, United Kingdom
Material used HIMACS VB02 Cima, S027 Orange
Fabrication Paradigm Woodworking Specialists
Photo Credit © Peter Heaps
Other Fournisseur HIMACS : James Latham
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