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HIMACS brings a splash of colour to the bathroom

HIMACS brings a splash of colour to the bathroom

Attention to detail makes the difference between a design that is merely practical and a bit boring and one which is attractive and eye catching. To furnish a bathroom, you need to take all possible aspects into consideration, including both the design and the functionality as well as the material used, since this will have a big impact on the final result.

With its hygienic properties and waterproof qualities, HIMACS was the ideal material both for the walls as well as the fittings in this bathroom. The furniture, countertop, and sink are all made from this natural acrylic stone, and the ability to seemless join it, has made it possible for the whole structure flow smoothly, whilst also achieving a surface that is easy to clean and look after.

Since this is a bathroom for children, the architect chose contrasting colours for the doors and drawers of the furniture and, matching the colours to the HIMACS used elsewhere,  used waterproof pastel shades on painted MDF. The handles have been painted in contrasting colours to create a more powerful visual effect.

The use of HIMACS Alpine White to clad the wall gives the rest of the room a neutral appearance, while the fact that there are no visible seams ensures a continuous surface. Opting to introduce the colours Banana, Lemon Squash, Light Green and Gray, in harmony with the fittings, has imbued the bathroom with life. 

One of the most striking elements in this bathroom is the radiator created from HIMACS, which uses exactly the same design, as the one found in the wall cladding. Equipped with a satin effect stainless steel towel rack, this radiator provides the necessary warmth thanks to the copper coil that sits behind the HIMACS cover.

Location Bucharest, Romania
Architecture & Design Atvangarde Design Team | Adriana Tihon
Material used HIMACS Banana, Lemon Squash, Light Green, and Gray, painted MDF
Fabrication Atvangarde
Photo Credit ©Stelian Popa
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