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HIMACS: Cardio Centrum Dusseldorf

HIMACS: good for the heart

Königsallee in central Dusseldorf is not just the first stop for manufacturers of luxury items, it also attracts medical facilities. Köblick, the famed office building designed by the renowned architectural firm Ingenhoven, is situated at the south end of the street. It is here that the Wuppertal agency for communication and design, bürger albrecht partner, laid out their plans for the 750 square metre CardioCentrum Dusseldorf and chose to incorporate HIMACS solid surface material into the design of the clinic's furnishings.

"The people make the place and the place makes the people" – this guiding principle forms the basis of the design drawn up by the Wuppertal designers and architects, which reflects both the practical and conceptual aspects of the cardiology clinic. The space-creating design employing HIMACS follows the eight-degree angled facets that define the cubature in the building's floor plan. The architect managing the project, Heiko Meyer, calls the resulting structures "eight-degree furniture" because the edges of the furnishings in the treatment rooms and doctors' offices, as well as of the screen in the waiting area and reception counters, have been broken in facets of eight degrees, just like the building's cubature. HIMACS can easily be thermoformed or bevelled, leaving the robust surface of the solid material, which is made of 67% mineral stone, 300% high-quality acrylic and 3% natural pigments, non-porous and smooth, with no visible grooves or joint lines.

In addition to aesthetic reasons, the interdisciplinary agency bürger albrecht partner chose HIMACS especially for the extraordinary hygienic standard of the acrylic stone. This solid surface material is especially ideal for clinics and healthcare facilities where the highest standards of hygiene must be observed. It is both aseptic and easy to clean, as well as being resistant to many chemical substances. HIMACS is also praised for its aesthetic properties, as it provides a warm and inviting environment. Multiple studies have shown that patients and their recovery processes benefit from this warm ambiance. 

Location Dusseldorf, Germany
Architecture & Design bürger albrecht partner (bap), Wuppertal
Fabrication Tischlerei Woodstar, Odenthal
Photo Credit © bap / Wolf Birke, Wuppertal
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