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HIMACS: Cerco & Buff

Swedish firm Karl Andersson & Söner chooses HIMACS

Swedish furniture manufacturer Karl Andersson & Söner, in keeping with its reputation for spotting new talent and trends in the furniture world, is launching two new collections, CERCO and BUFF, made out of HIMACS.

Renowned for its creativity, its innovative approach and its vitality, Karl Andersson & Söner has been making “well-made furniture designed to last” since 1898. HIMACS acrylic stone fits perfectly with these high standards, and has become the material of preference for those who design the exceptional furniture manufactured by this renowned firm. Hence it has recently launched the CERCO range of angular shelving, created by Argentine designer Federico Churba, and the BUFF range of tables with a classic fifties look, conceived by Swedish designer Joel Karlsson at Krook & Tjäder Design. These creations demonstrate once again that HIMACS furniture can have a highly contemporary shape and come in the trendiest of colours. 

BUFF tables by Joel Karlsson, Krook & Tjäder Design

BUFF tables boast a resolutely retro style and their HIMACS tops come in various shapes and colours: white, pink, blue and beige. Their long legs, which are made of a choice of solid ash, birch, oak or walnut, are slender but strong. The designer chose HIMACS, the new-generation acrylic stone, because it is hard-wearing and can be cut into the boldest of shapes. If the table top is damaged, it can easily be repaired as HIMACS can be worked like wood, using the same tools. It is non-porous, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.  

About the designer: Joel Karlsson (1975) was born in Gothenburg in Sweden. He trained at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and also studied architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Today, he is back in his home town, working as head designer at Krook&Tjäder Design.

CERCO shelves by Federico Churba

Designed in 2012 by Federico Churba, CERCO is a rectilinear shelving unit made of the new-generation acryclic stone, HIMACS. It is a true work of art, which looks totally different depending on the position of the shelves. If they are all placed in the same direction, they give more linearity to the unit and a sensation of calm and serenity. If they are placed in opposite directions, the unit has a more disorderly look, creating a very contemporary, “chaotic” atmosphere. This shelving unit comes with adjustable screws, so it can be set up anywhere, including on the most uneven of surfaces. HIMACS was an obvious choice for these shelves, as it is very hard-wearing and non-porous, and any scratches can easily be removed by polishing.

About the designer: Federico Churba (1976) is from Buenos Aires in Argentina. He studied industrial design at the University of Buenos Aires, graduating in 2011. He now has his own design studio, where he designs furniture, lighting and other interior design products. 

Both collections of furniture will be on show at the 2012 Milan International Furniture Fair – Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

 (PAV 16 stand E 35)

Location Sweden
Architecture & Design BUFF : Joel Karlsson CERCO : Federico Churba
Material used BUFF : HIMACS Alpine White, S102 Babylon, S03 Rose and S203 Sky Blue. CERCO : HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication Karl Andersson & Söner
Photo Credit Jonas Sällberg.
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