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HIMACS: Jihlava School

Jihlava School

Jihlava School of Art in the Czech Republic is equipped with a fun set of HIMACS furniture used to introduce students to art. Students will develop their ability to understand the artistic approach of artists and recognize the value of art. The chairs were designed by the architect Javoslav Huracek and made using 5 out of the 100 exclusive HIMACS colours: Banana, Orange, Lilac Haze, Lemon Squash and Fiery Red. The five different seats all have descriptive names (Abakus, Architrave, Echinus, Torous and Voluta), reminding us of the 5 basic elements of antique architecture. Here, thanks to this project, antique architecture is a permanent source of inspiration. 

Location Jihlava, Czech Republic
Architecture & Design Javoslav Huracek
Material used HIMACS Banana, Orange, Lilac Haze, Lemon Squash, Fiery Red
Fabrication Drevovỳvoba Podzimek
Photo Credit ©Tomàš Dṽoràk