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HIMACS: Statthocker

Disused street lanterns turned into new furniture with HIMACS seat

Classic 1960s street lanterns, shaped like mushrooms, are now being put to a new use: They have been turned into stools known as “Statthocker”. When the hard plastic lantern shades were removed to make way for energy saving diode lamps, the Bielefeld product and interior designers Oliver Bahr and Bastian Demmer came up with the idea of repurposing them into stackable stools, because of their perfect seat height. On the upper side of the shades, they added a seat surface made of high gloss HIMACS and thus created conical stools with a choice of colourful seats.  With a height of 47 cm, a seat diameter of 24 cm, and a 32.5 cm base, the Statthocker takes up little space and is a proper seat. In memory of its origins the Statthocker can also be illuminated, thanks to a stand-alone LED light fitted into a milled recess beneath the seat. The Bielefeld stool is thus not only a seat but also a light sculpture.

This seat has the potential to become a classic: its exceptional aesthetic, the perfect symbiosis of form and function, and the high quality of material and craftsmanship are all arguments in its favour. Not only that, however: the fusion of recycled lamp shades with the modern mineral material HIMACS demonstrates how future-proof the design is, because past and future come together here. Naturally, the 1960s shades have a patina and bear traces of wear and tear, so each one of them is unique. The acrylic stone HIMACS on the other hand, is a contemporary material which, as Bastian Demmer emphasises, “offers a contrast with the lamp shades thanks to its colourful expressiveness and variation.” This homogeneous material can be milled, sanded and polished as easily as wood, yet is extremely durable, weatherproof and UV-resistant. Demmer has also come up with a way to apply a print to the seat: “We have produced a limited special edition with animal motifs by Peter Zickermann on the seats, and proceeds from the sale of these will go to Bielefeld Municipal Zoo.” Thus the circle is closed and the Statthocker becomes a successful and appreciated piece of furniture, combining nostalgia and the future, while also avoiding the creation of waste.

This versatile piece of history was honoured: The Statthocker took the iF product Design Award 2013 in the categories of “furniture/home textiles” and “bathroom/wellness”, thus securing one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.


Architecture & Design Oliver Bahr and Bastian Demmer
Material used HIMACS, Black S22 Alpine White S28 Banana S26 Orange S205 Fiery Red S25 Lemon Squash S211 Sky Blue S203 Marta Grey S103 Lilac Haze S216
Photo Credit Christian René Schulz Photographer
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