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HIMACS Lights up the New Cervecería Islia Bar

HIMACS Lights up the New Cervecería Islia Bar

Cervecería Islia is a modern, distinctive bar located in the town of Ordes, in the heart of the province of A Coruña, Spain. Designed by interior design studio PF1, the premises appeal, with their organic forms and backlit furnishings created using HIMACS acrylic stone.

The space has been divided into several areas, designed after extensive research into all the aspects of the surroundings, making it possible to determine which elements to emphasise. “We did a long study, which helped us realise that one of the most outstanding values is the nature surrounding this space. From this we designed a space that would fit sympathetically into the regional market,” explains Loli Moroño, creative director at interior design studio PF1 Interiorismo. 

PF1 faced an interesting challenge, since the space was very restricted, with a narrow entrance that created a dark, crowded back area. So the architects decided to use dramatic LED lighting to brighten the whole area.

One of the client’s main requirements was that the materials had to be high quality, functional, and sustainable. Thus the designers chose HIMACS, which apart from the previous properties, is also translucent, so made working with LED lighting possible. “We needed materials that were innovative, but also guaranteed to be durable and easy to maintain. We went for LX Hausys’  Solid Surface material since it offered the guarantees to meet the client’s requirements,” says Moroño.

Light and lightness in the furnishings

The backlit tables which appear to be suspended in mid-air, are made from HIMACS, and are the focal point of the bar. HIMACS was essential for transforming the furnishings into real design pieces, while at the same time lighting the room without dazzling the customers. The tables are anchored to the wooden wall that runs around the whole premises, creating a wave effect. 

The properties of LX Hausys’ Solid Surface make it possible to create seamless surfaces that are completely hygienic and easy to clean. Given the fundamental importance of these qualities for food and drink, the main bar, its bottle rack, and the food display case were also created using HIMACS. Moreover, thanks to the thermoformable properties of HIMACS, a second curved bar was created, built into the wall while appearing to be suspended in the air, giving the space the modern touch the owners were looking for. All of the furnishings at Cervecería Islia were made using the Alpine White and Opal shades of HIMACS.

The design teams from PF1 studio have created a stunning space for enjoying local fare in a modern setting.

Location Ordes, A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)
Architecture & Design FP1 Interiorismo
Material used HIMACS Alpine White and Opal
Fabrication Carpintería Ramón García S.L
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