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HIMACS: Marcel Wanders for LX Hausys at Milan Design Week

HIMACS and Marcel Wanders celebrate a successful collaboration at Fuorisalone 2015

‘Space is so much more than a spatial, lighting or musical solution. It is everything combined together, like in an opera, it is a place where all things come to life and magic happens.’ Marcel Wanders.

The fifteenth edition of the Fuorisalone show at Superstudio più ended a short time ago, and this year involved more than 10,000 sq. mt. of exhibition space and inaugurated the new Superdesign Show format, a festival on the culture of design attracting a public of over 110,000 people, professionals from the sector and enthusiasts, in a single week.

This year and among the most important installations, was the 'Rational and the Emotional Worlds' presented by Marcel Wanders for LX Hausys. The designer's aim was to create an impressive setting to explore the wide range of possibilities offered by HIMACS.

Fascinating and poetic, the stand mapped-out two parallel universes, one of rationality and one of emotion, and left a lasting dream-like impression in the visitor.

At the centre, two slowly moving sculptures acted like mysterious totems. While the space attributed to rationality concerned the actual material, the one given over to emotion represented HIMACS in its full artistic and dramatic qualities. Here, the “Blooming Universe” - Marcel Wanders' signature pattern for LX Hausys - was applied in its full extension.

Complementary furniture blended in perfectly with the surroundings and helped to create a multi-sensory illusionary experience. Transparencies and overlapping layers invited viewers to embark on a fantastic and unique journey. These two majestic sculptures, of about four metres in diameter and made of various shades of HIMACS including a translucent layer, connected the two environments. Their evocative quality let me material shine in its full potential, creating a truly surprising effect for the viewer.


Location Superdesign Show - Temporary Museum for New Design - Milan, Italy
Architecture & Design Marcel Wanders
Material used HIMACS
Photo Credit Marcel Wanders