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HIMACS at the Milan Design Week: a single material, infinite applications

HIMACS at the Milan Design Week: a single material, infinite applications

HIMACS acrylic stone will be on show at the Milan Design Week 2017 in a variety of locations, covering all the city’s districts.

The complete flexibility of working with HIMACS, coupled with its potentially infinite possibilities for customisation, whether in terms of shape or of finish, make it an essential tool for all those seriously seeking quality. This material has been used by some of the most celebrated designers, including Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Moneo, Karim Rashid and David Chipperfield, as well as numerous agencies, including Aran Cucine, Alivar, Novy, Busnelli, MDF Italia, Scavolini.

At both the Salone and the Fuorisalone, HIMACS will be present in various forms: table tops, as an experimental material used in lighting fixtures, and as kitchen work surfaces. The common denominator of all of these projects? Quality. HIMACS: Because Quality Wins.


BUFF TABLE, designed by Joel Karlsson

Salone del Mobile, Stand Karl Andersson & Soner, Pad. 16 Stand E40

Buff pays modern homage to the tables of the 1950s, bringing together in a single elegant structure HIMACS acrylic stone, used for the top in various colours, and wood in the form of solid ash, birch, oak or walnut for the four legs, which manage to be at the same time slender and robust.

TULIP LAMP, designed by Pierre Cabrera

Euroluce, Stand Beneito Faure, Pad. 15 Stand F35 F45

Beneito Faure is delighted to present at Euroluce its Tulip, a lamp designed by Pierre Cabrera and inspired by the flower of the same name. A helicoid band of HIMACS breathes life into a harmonious and balanced shape, available in different models and sizes.

SANTINI - Quiet Point, designed by Vladimir Ambroz for A.M.O.S. Design

Salone del Mobile, Stand Czech Selection, Pad. 10 Stand B08

Santini is a modern ‘confessional’ for use in commercial areas and offices, its form inspired by church bell towers. The insulating material on the inner surface creates a silent zone where callers can communicate without disturbing or being disturbed by events around them. Santini boasts a solid base in HIMACS, making it extremely robust and easy to maintain and clean.

WineOLED, designed by Deslabs

Euroluce, Stand LX Display, Pad. 15 Stand E23 E27

On display at the LX Display stand is the WineOLED, a revolutionary lamp that provides uniform lighting to illuminate the contents of wine glasses, enabling the properties of the wine in question to be examined clearly. The robust thermoformed support is also made of HIMACS, allowing a work instrument for winegrowers to be transformed into a precious object suffused with minimalist contemporary design.



enLIGHTen, Studio Thier&vanDaalen

Autofficina, Ventura Design District, via Massimiano 23

Dutch design studio Thier&vanDaalen is presenting a monograph whose international flavour blends perfectly with the Ventura Lambrate district. SOLID/LIQUID, one of the ideas on show, is not simply a collection of plates that also serve for decorative purposes, but a true and authentic studio of patterns, forms and materials (HIMACS and wood), which together create an original interaction with served food.

KASA KARIM, Magna Pars Event

Magna Pars Space Event, via Tortona 15

Inside the former headquarters of the Perfume Factory, today the prestigious Kasa Karim Hotel, is an apartment which is in fact a monographic exhibition dedicated to Karim Rashid, who over the years has created numerous projects for the world’s leading furniture design agencies. Karim’s unmistakable hallmark is also present in the Karan kitchen from Rastelli Cucine, shown here with a HIMACS top.

TRANSITIONS II, Baars & Bloemhoff

Ventura Centrale District, via Ferrante Aporti 15

Torna Transitions, a project by Baars & Bloemhoff, brought together six Dutch designers in an experimental and decorative exhibit, dedicated to the study of materials and to their journey from raw materials to interior design objects. HIMACS played a crucial role in Transitions, lending a unique flavour to certain of the designs on show:

  • Filter, by Sabine Marcelis. As it comes into contact with the different densities of the various materials making up its structure, light from the Filter lamps is transformed to create evocative shapes.
  • Black, a project from studio rENs revolving around the colour black, emits ever-changing shades (on occasion with almost imperceptibly subtle differences) depending on the type of material used.

TZERO TABLES, designed by Franco Eccel

Fuorisalmone, Ventura Design District, via Massimiano 25

‘Only a dead fish goes with the flow’ according to Fuorisalmone, the irreverent event that goes against the flow at Fuorisalone. For the occasion, Franco Eccel will be presenting the collection ‘Tzero – Made from HIMACS’: these tables are crafted from architectural and interior design offcuts and assembled with special adhesives that form a distinctive decorative element.

#HOWAREYOU, Basten Leijh Design Studio

Ventura Design District, via Massimiano 25

Furnishings in the monographic Basten Leijh exhibition will also include a collection of small tables, shelves, lighting fixtures and multi-level bookcases of varying heights, which combine the lightness and lustre of tubular metal with the stability and solid surfaces fashioned from HIMACS, wood and marble. These linear, graphic furniture items can be arranged side-by-side to create new and dynamic compositions.

Tree Table, designed by Isabel Quiroga

Design Language, Tortona Design District, via Francesco Carchidio 2

Design Language is a three-year project the aim of which is to analyze the design languages in the world. One of the designs was the Tree Table, a minimalist design, loosely based on Nordic lines, which combined a number of materials, including HIMACS, wood and stone into an adjustable side-table. 

ESSENTIALS, Studio Ciarmoli Queda

Straf Hotel, via San Raffaele 3

As well as exhibiting their DeLightFul installation at the International Furniture Show, Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda are presenting Essentials, an installation offering an unprecedented experience in interior design, with its intense colours and geometric graphics. These essential articles are created with the collaboration of firms reputed for their excellence, including HIMACS, which is used to create unique tables and surfaces, symbols of a refined daily ambience carefully crafted to evoke emotions.

Location Milan Design Week 2017
Architecture & Design Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Ben van Berkel.
Material used HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone
Photo Credit Please refer to the details in each project photo
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