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HIMACS portrays the city in the new Museum of Copenhagen

HIMACS portrays the city in the new Museum of Copenhagen

JAC studios has designed a permanent exhibition for the new Museum of Copenhagen and introduces a poetic multimedia model of Copenhagen made entirely from HIMACS solid surface material.

The Copenhagen Panorama is an expressive universe that talks to all the senses. A universe where the city’s heartbeat and life unfolds through laser projections, light, and animations, as well as through a dynamic sound image of a day’s 24 hours’ activities in Copenhagen.

Surrounded by the city’s panoramic horizon, visitors can gather around the elaborate elliptical model of the Copenhagen city central as it looked in 2020.

Like a never-ending sunset

The back wall of the Museum of Copenhagen offers an impressive backdrop to the miniature model of the city. The panoramic view was milled  by YOHO fabricators into the HIMACS material, used here in the translucent Opal shade. There are several levels of milling, which are backlit at different intensities giving an inspiring scene behind the model city.

The model allows for exploration, and an element of surprise of the unknown, as well as opportunities to recognise the buildings and city squares that make Copenhagen the city we know. With the use of an interactive interface, specific attractions can be activated to guide people who know the city, or to help orientate visitors when they walk out of the museum.

Thanks to its non-porous, fire resistant and extremely hygienic surface that is resistant over time to abrasion or friction, the polished appearance of HIMACS makes it perfect for bearing the full weight of the exhibition, without suffering any kind of damage or imperfection. In addition, because it is highly thermoformable, this material can be moulded into any shape, endowing any project that utilises it with energy and flow. Likewise, it has turned out to be ideal for the creation of the backlit museum´s display, creating plays of light by means of various milled edges.

“The ambition of the Copenhagen Panorama has been to create a poetic as well as a rational image of Copenhagen. The exhibition, which is staged in a space where light and sound change subtly, gives precise statistics and data of the city’s development as well as transport, lifestyle and the habits of the Copenhageners. The materiality of the design reflects the city’s volatility but also the stability and weight that history and the city itself manifests.” Says exhibition architect Johan Carlsson, from JAC studios.

Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Architecture & Design JAC Studios / Johan Carlsson
Material used HIMACS S302 Opal
Fabrication YOHO, Roy Hobbs
Photo Credit Nicholas Løye
Other HIMACS Supplier: Gop Denmark A/S
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