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HIMACS, pushing the limits of the world of bathrooms

HIMACS, pushing the limits of the world of bathrooms

If there is one place where HIMACS is able to fully express all of its qualities, it is in the world of bathrooms. A living space where aesthetics foster relaxation while still being functional. Harmoniously forming to the rooms where it is installed, HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone expresses itself through soft, pure - even sensual - lines that create an atmosphere that is most conducive to letting go of the outside world.


Additionally, it is waterproof, which guarantees perfectly hygienic surfaces. Thanks to its mooth, non-porous surface with inconspicuous joints, this new generation acrylic stone does not absorb moisture and so is protected against bacteria, fungus and the most common chemical agents, which are unable to seep through and alter the material. It is highly stain-, scratch- and wear-resistant - even with intensive use - and also easy to clean and maintain with a surface that is always pleasant to the touch. These qualities have won over hospitals and childcare centers, environments that require impeccable cleanliness.




HIMACS has a broad range of applications: basins, showers, bathtubs and spas. Adaptable and adjustable, they blend into their environment, leaving free rein for ingenuity. 


Basins and bathroom countertops


Available in standard versions or custom-made, they can simply be installed on furniture, a wooden or concrete surface, or even set with invisible joints, into a HIMACS work-surface. The brand's only product that is mass-produced, the range is very broad and can be found in both private homes and more public spaces (like hotels, hospitals, schools and more).


Elegance and design with three new HIMACS basins


HIMACS is expanding its bathroom portfolio with three new basins being added to its standard collection. Whether square, rectangular or round, they each boast clean lines and were designed specifically to be installed on sink units or bathroom countertops. They can work in any setting or project, particularly renovations seeking to combine styles and materials in an eclectic interior design. The collection is available in Alpine White and Nougat Cream.


HIMACS bathtubs and showers


Custom-made designs can fit harmoniously into any bathroom thanks to the thermoforming properties of HIMACS acrylic stone, which simplify layouts and foster creativity. Each element comfortably slips into bold shapes while perfectly complementing other materials, like wood, concrete, steel and glass.





Not Only White Collection

Midioplan Collection by Ponte Giulio

Private House in Termen, Switzerland

Private House in Bronschofen, Switzerland

Pure lines for the „Canal House“ Loft

A colourful atmosphere for a children’s bathroom

Augeo Art Space in Rimini, Italy

Hotel Neptune, Germany

Hospital HM Nuevo Belén, Maternity Ward, Spain

Children’s daycare in Cadepezzo, Switzerland

Bathhouse by Stehpen Ward in United Kingdom

My Selena by Wim Van Der Vak Continental Yachts



Material used HIMACS
Photo Credit Please refer to the details in each project image