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HIMACS for the State Coffee Co. inspired by New York in the 1930s

HIMACS for the State Coffee Co. inspired by New York in the 1930s

Lab4 Architects chose HIMACS for the latest espresso bar in the Greek coffee bar chain State Coffee Co., which has opened in Agria, a town on the Gulf of Pagasai in eastern Greece.

In both design and furniture selection, the new State Coffee Co. is inspired by the classic New York espresso bars of the 1930s, with elements reminiscent of the naval industrial style found in old cafés in the port of Manhattan during the early 20th century. These details combine harmoniously with 'Mediterranean' features, such as the hexagonal cement tiles and the characteristic Italian bar area. In homage to the different styles, images of the fascinating New York of that era and of Italian bartenders at work hang on the walls

The espresso bar overlooks the sea, and its floorspace of 90 m² comprises three zones: an area where coffee is prepared, a serving area, and a semi-covered terrace with tables where customers can enjoy their coffee.

Clearly visible through the large storefront windows, the bar itself sits in the middle of the coffee shop and has a large rectangular counter featuring a durable top in HIMACS with an Arctic Granite G034 finish. The latest generation acrylic stone has also been used for the area that houses the display cabinet and for the finishing around the column separating the counter from the entrance leading into the drinks preparation area.

The architects chose HIMACS Solid Surface for its excellent hygienic properties, its extreme ease of cleaning and its high resistance to stains, dirt and chemicals. In addition, it is remarkably resistant to scratches and to the type of daily wear commonly encountered in areas of intensive use and high customer throughput such as a café.

The white finish and granite texture of the HIMACS is enhanced by the warm hue and grain of the highly figured walnut used for the cabinets, compartments and shelves that make up the bar area. This contrast is further highlighted by the brilliant aquamarine finish used as the background for the company logo and the shelving recessed into the front face of the counter.With its mixture of highly diverse yet complementary styles, the new State Coffee Co. offers a tantalising gateway into authentic coffee culture and distant eras.


Location Agria, Greece
Architecture & Design Lab4 architects –
Material used HIMACS Arctic Granite G034
Photo Credit Kostas Kroustalis
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