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LX Hausys' R&D organization consists of a research center and a design center. The Research Center continues to strive to develop new products through continuous R&D investment, source & base technology, and cooperative work between affiliates. The Design Center conducts research on customized design solutions by predicting changes in design trends.

Certificates and Awards in Korea and Abroad

  • 28
    (As of July 2021)
  • 2018
    Automotive materials & components dashboard skin, Ergonomic Design Award
  • 2019
    Hidden Display Handle, CES Innovation Award
  • 2021
    PF Insulation, 24th Energy Winner of the Year Award


  • 2020
    Acquired Laboratory Safety Management Excellence Laboratory Certification

R&D Workforce

(Unit: No. of persons)

R&D Workforce

R&D Activity

(Unit: KRW 100 million)

R&D Activity


Building & decorative material

  • Develop building materials that minimize indoor air pollution
  • Expand low-carbon products that consider the Earth and environment
  • Expand eco-friendly materials using plant-derived ingredient

Automotive skins, eco-friendly materials & parts

  • Develop eco-friendly fabrics using plant-based bio raw materials and recycled materials
  • Develop interior parts for automobiles using various eco-friendly materials such as rice husk and wood flour, and recycled raw materials

Energy-efficient windows / insulation

  • Maximize energy saving effect of the building and the insulation performance of windows

Lightweight plastics and composites

Contribute to improving mileage and fuel efficiency of eco-friendly vehicles and vehicles with internal combustion engine through research on lightweight composite materials

Customer-friendly building & decorative materials

  • Development of flooring materials to minimize impact sound and maximize shock absorption
  • Development of HP top grade certified flooring

Building & decorative materials with strengthened fire safety

  • Development of finishing materials for walls using semi-non-combustible material

Automotive skins with low impact on the human bod

  • Development of fabrics fabrics that have little impact on human body, with no use of harmful ingredients such as phthalate plasticizers and halogen flame retardants

Automotive skins with low impact on the human body

  • Development for providing value to customers by designing a space that considers and fits the user's lifestyle