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Here at LX Hausys, we carry out a wide range of social contribution activities aimed at promoting mutual prosperity with local communities by utilizing the capabilities of our company and our employees. Going forward, we will continue to conduct diverse contribution activities, with a commitment to social responsibility, in order to facilitate positive and happy changes within local communities.

Renovating Memorial Centers

Repairing the residential environments of national heroes

Conservation of cultural heritage environments

Sharing with our local communities

Utilize all LX Hausys's strengths to fulfill our social responsibility obligations.

Pursue coexistence by creating social value beyond simple donations and charitable works.

Improve our relationships with local communities

Investment in Local Communities

<p>(Unit : KRW 1million)</p>
Item 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total 2197 1481 1545 1461
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Social Contribution Activity Costs in 2020

<p>(Unit : KRW 1million)</p>
Type of social contribution Total
Cash payment 1032
Employees voluntary work during working hours 100hrs
Payment-in-kind 429
Indirect expenses (Operation expenses) -
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Social Contribution Activities in 2020

(Unit : %)

Social Contribution Activities in 2020

Social contribution strategies and activities

Item Business Connectivity Business KPI Society/Environment KPI
Business related social contributions

LX Hausys helps underprivileged groups (men of national merit, independence patriots & historic sites, disadvantaged young people, etc.) to improve their living environment by using our business capabilities and infrastructure, and by providing Hausyswallpaper, flooring materials, and windows

Promote product, construction, and design capabilities

  • Increase number of customers and improve customer satisfaction
  • Support to improve the environment of underprivileged groups and enhance the lifestyle of local communities: Support provided for 33 independence patriots, 12 historic Korean Independence sites, and 25 youth facilities
Education for children and youth

We provide young people with opportunities to learn about cultural heritages. We also develop contents to preserve, promote, and utilize cultural heritages, and encourage young people to participate voluntarily in these activities so as to contribute to social development

  • Increase number of customers and improve customer satisfaction

Increase interest in cultural heritage.

  • Development of content aimed at the preservation, promotion, and utilization of cultural heritage
Creation of social value

We conduct the Make a Happy Space program in order to help local children’s centers renovate their interior spaces and renovate obsolete or run-down facilities in order to contribute to the protection of children in our local communities.

  • Secure potential customers and increase sales: LX Hausys’ wallpaper and flooring materials are used in construction works (11 in 2020)
  • Contribution to the protection of children in local communities
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Renovating Memorial Centers and Residences for People of National Merit

Renovating Memorial Centers

Renovating Memorial Centers

LX Hausys renovated a considerable number of centers which server as memorials for Korean independence activists (Seo Jaepil, Yun Bonggil, Lee Hwayeong, Ahn Junggun, Han Yongwun, Ahn Changho, Kim Chang suk, Shin Chaeho, and Son Byunghee), in addition to renovating the Yi Yuksa Literary Museum, using our outstanding windows and flooring materials, among other products. We also supported the restoration of twelve historic domestic and overseas sites, including the Chongqing Provisional Government Complex and the former Embassy of the Korean Empire in the U.S.

Renovating the Residence for People of National Merit

Renovating the Residence for People of National Merit

Since 2015, LX Hausys has been renovating the homes of national heroes, Korean War veterans, and descendants of independence activists. We renovated the homes of thirty people in Korea and three people in other countries (U.S. and India), and will continue with our renovation activities in the future.

Creating a Happy Space

LX Hausys launched our ‘Create a Happy Space’ initiative in order to encourage future leaders to dream and hope for a better future by improving public youth spaces through our specialized products and our extensive execution and design capabilities. We improved twenty-five shared spaces of social welfare organizations for adolescents, ranging from the opening of the first building under the “Creating a Happy Space” initiative, which is a child welfare town at the Holt Ilsan Center, to the Jangnak Branch School in 2020. In particular, employees and their children produced DIY furniture, such as lockers, and donated them to the beneficiary facility.

Renovating the Environment of Local Children’s Centers

LX Hausys supports the renovation of local children’s centers together with the KACCC (Korea Association of Children’s Center Councils). In 2020, we helped renovate eleven local children’s centers including the Dasom Community Children’s Center

Key Social Contribution Initiatives

Workplace Initiative Description
Ulsan plant One Company, One Village

Supported the events held in villages near the plant and purchased agricultural produce from them from these villages.

One Company, One Stream

Inspected the water quality of the Hoeya River near the plant and conducted clean-ups along the river.

One Company, One Mountain

Cleaned up Daeum Mountain with Ulsan City and Ulju-gun.

Happy Day

Donated kimchi to local children`s centers and elderly persons living alone.

Cheongju plant One Company, One Millitary Unit1

Formed a partnership with the 37th Infantry Division of the Rok Army, assisted effort to improve the military camp environment, donated appreciation gifts and funds.

One Company, One Village

Supported the events of neighboring villages.

Support for children from low-income families

Supported the ninimum living expenses of children form low-income families in conjunction with Child Fund Korea.

Happy Coal Briquette Delivery

Delivered briquettes to senior citizens living alone in conjunction Chungbuk Biquette Bank.

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Creating Value for Local Communities through Private-Public Partnerships

Engagement in the Green Remodeling Project

The Green Remodeling Project, supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, aims to improve the energy performance of old buildings whose energy efficiency has deteriorated. This not only helps to balance energy supply/demand, but also serves to reduce energy costs. We develop and supply high-insulation windows and other energy-efficient products in order to promote the cause of this meaningful project. We are primarily committed to the green remodeling market, renovating 6,800 old sets of windows in 2017, 7,200 in 2018, 7,500 in 2019, and 7,200 in 2020.

Assisting the underprivileged in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment

LX Hausys offers free assistance with renovating homes for socially underprivileged groups including low-income families, broken families, children suffering from environmental diseases, and people whose living conditions are often sub-par. We inspect their homes for hazardous factors that cause environmental diseases and, when necessary, install our eco-friendly wallcovering and flooring free of charge. We visited underprivileged people to measure the indoor air quality of their homes, and chose households in urgent need of renovation and installed eco-friendly wallcovering and flooring and improved their indoor environment. For underprivileged people belonging to socially underprivileged groups suffering from atopic illnesses and other environmental diseases, we provide free medical treatment in cooperation with the Environment & Health Center. In partnership with the government, we have been a pioneer in improving the indoor environments of underprivileged social groups.

Diagnosing Indoor Environments/Supporting Improvement Projects (Creating Places with Clean Air)

The air quality at local children’s centers, facilities for the elderly, rehabilitation facilities for the disabled, and shelters for the homeless, which were selected as targets for our project of “creating places with clean air” was measured, and some centers were found to have actually exceeded the standard stipulated in the Indoor Air Quality Control Act, and mold was visible to the naked eye. Accordingly, we provided eco-friendly interior materials that have been awarded the Eco Label certification, such as 'SORIZAM flooring material' and 'wallcovering FIANCEE', to eleven regional children’s centers in Gyeonggi-do, in order to improve the indoor environment of those centers. The users of facilities for vulnerable social groups benefitted from a more pleasant and comfortable environment thanks to our environmental improvement projects aimed at 'creating places with clean air'.

Indoor Environment Improvement Projects for Green Daycare Centers

Our project to improve the indoor environment of Green Daycare Centers aims to create a healthier indoor environment for future generations through environmentally-friendly consumption. Supported by the Ministry of the Environment, this project aims to cultivate environ mentally-friendly consumers and promote the supply and adoption of green products. LX Hausys contributes to raising awareness of eco friendly building materials and to creating a green consumption culture by donating our flooring materials which have been environmentally certified.

LX Z:IN Safe Door Campaign

Under 'LX Z:IN Safe Door Campaign', we replace old doors of daycare centers with highly safe 'LX Z:IN Doors' so as to prevent safety accidents, such as children’s fingers getting jammed or caught in a door. In particular, as our 'LX Z:IN Door' is equipped with hinges that prevent jamming incidents, and a safe door knob that can turn 180 degrees in order to prevent the door from being completely closed, it can be used without any anxiety regarding children being involved in accidents in houses and daycare centers. In 2020, LX Hausys replaced the doors of three daycare centers including Anayul Disabled Children’s House, Simmok Disabled Children’s House in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, and the Green Daycare Center in Nowon-gu