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HIMACS: Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre

HIMACS used for state-of-the-art furniture at the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center

Designed by Brandimage for the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center, the collection of unconventional HIMACS furniture is inspired by two functions all shoppers need: relaxation and information.

Across three city blocks and contains some 100 stores. A few of the pieces of furniture were designed in HI- MACS® Solid Surface and its myriad technical properties made it the best material for the project – features like invisible joints, durability and low maintenance – as did its vast selection of original colors and soft invitingly touchable surface.

The furniture twists into shapes, which provide tables, seats and a surface for interactive screens, thus combining information and relaxation areas. 

"This dual-purpose built into all the furniture, we conceived as a brand lexicon, a sign of recognition that can morph over time and always stay current," explains Alain Doré, Brandimage Paris Design Director. Made of HIMACS next generation acrylic stone, the furniture induces relaxation as it sparks new experiences and creates an interactive space with "screen furniture" that offers both form and function. The key piece is delicate and smooth, and the "assistance shopping" screen provided for shoppers is weightless, aloft, almost floating. Stretching along a row of windows, the sitting area is a red wave made entirely of HIMACS designed to shelter relaxing chairs where passers-by can take a break protected from the shopping mall's bustling crowds. The furniture was made by ADJ, a company based in Strasbourg that has specialized in shaping next generation acrylic stone for over 20 years.

About the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center

Brandimage created a concept, the common thread that conveys a persona for the new mall, built as a tribute to fashion and decor. Beaugrenelle is a destination brand that showcases the spirit of Paris, trendy Paris, the Paris of culture, the Paris of fashion, glamorous Paris, and its desire to be the crossroads between culture and commerce. The mall seeks to transcend its retailer role to add a social and cultural dimension. The building designed by Valode & Pistre was conceived as a backdrop for natural light, brand names, services and ease of motion – recurring themes throughout the complex. The venue inspires a closer and more personal relationship with shoppers.


Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand-equity architects and designers that conceives and innovates performance-driven brands. Brandimage is part of SGK's brand development division. Brandimage uses a multidisciplinary horizontal approach to help brands reveal their true identity by developing products, services and spaces that generate a unique experience and a strong human emotional bond.

Location Paris, France
Architecture & Design Brandimage - Paris
Material used HIMACS, Alpine White, Fiery Red
Fabrication ADJ
Photo Credit Mathieu Ducros
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