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HIMACS: ALV Showroom

Crossing boundaries between Fashion and Architecture

Alviero Martini, famous Italian fashion designer, wanted to create a space marked by contemporary look for the new showroom in Piazza San Babila in Milan, in perfect armony with his new spring / summer collection 2010 ALV.

After evaluating the materials for the design of space with Fabio Novembre, one of the young designer-architects best internationally known, who was in charge of the project, opted for the more flexible and moldable material: HIMACS Solid Surface.

“Every object in the physical world is made of atoms, atoms are made of energy, and energy generates pleasure. This is the sensation I felt in front of the “super-modern luxury” of HIMACS, a binding, luminous, practical, strong...and discrete material” says the fashion designer.

And the result is amazing: 500sqm of concrete, a tangible expression of Italian design, the showroom structure and concept cut across the borders between the worlds of fashion and architecture in a unique design expression born out of the stylist’s encounter with architect Fabio Novembre.

Internal space is developed from a large, central “atom” made entirely out of HIMACS, consisting of an open, permeable, circular element defined solely by its 'skeleton', solid but ethereal as is the material it is made from - HIMACS. A pure and albescent special place to showcase bags and accessories from his collection ALV.

All the other components seem to be an echo of the central shape, revolving around it and curving, to create a sinuous and continuous perimeter, formed by platforms that come out from the wall. This was only possible thanks to the thermoforming properties of HIMACS and its seamless joints, allowing forms and shapes to continue indefinitely.

The space is completed by an exhibitor table, double-curved, placed at the center of the ‘atom’ and a meeting table supported by a purple mosaic-made base that contrasts and gives life to the sober elegance of the surrounding.

The emblematic result of the symbiosis between Fashion and Architecture is the creation by Alviero Martini of a “Travel bag serie” made out of HIMACS, consisting of two stylish travel bags and famous bag San.Ba, created in homage to Piazza San Babila.

These 'unreal' design objects will be exhibited during Milan Design Week, in which the showroom will be open to the public.

Location Milan, Italy
Material used HIMACS, Ivory White S029
Fabrication Flusso, Facchinetti Group
Photo Credit Valter Baldan
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