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HIMACS: TrickShot Promenada Shopping Center

HIMACS - transparency and fluidity at TrickShot Promenada Shopping Center

A space for relaxation and leisure activities requires special attention to detail and an appealing design. Opened in May 2014 in the Promenada Shopping Center, Bucharest Romania, TrickShot is a multifunctional space that is both friendly and elegant.

The reception and the bar are made of HIMACS Alpine White that has been thermoformed, creating a curvy, fluid area.  Moreover, since the solid surface material allows invisible joints, the furnishings appear as one homogenous piece, even though the length of the reception is around 17 m, and the bar measures 11 m. A spectacular translucent effect is achieved, to signal each zone destination, by engraving the solid surface and illuminating it with warm light.

Using HIMACS in this project had further benefits, in terms of hygiene, maintenance and endurance. HIMACS is the perfect choice in fabricating countertops of bars and receptions due to its non-porous and uniform surface, the impermeability and the seamless joints that don’t allow dirt to infiltrate.

“The TrickShot concept started from the idea of combining beautiful spaces with different functions: from a professional kitchen and restaurant, to a bowling alley with an American look from the ‘60s or a billiard club with English accents. For this purpose we used the transparency and fluidity, but we didn’t neglect the modern, clean line of the Promenada Shopping Center.” said Sebastian Mindroiu from Pick Two, the studio that designed this project.

Location Bucharest, Romania
Architecture & Design Sebastian Mindroiu, Pick Two
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication Atvangarde
Photo Credit Stelian Popa
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