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HIMACS: A Cascade of Light: A Loft in Vienna

A light filled kitchen Penthouse

This spacious penthouse apartment is situated in the heart of Vienna. The brief was to create a light-filled room, with open spaces. A big part in achieving this is the large-scale glass roof construction. Shade-Elements are oriented so that the roof pitch is reduced, thus the room appears even larger and more open. The idea is to integrate elements, which are independently placed across the loft and which neutralize the structure. 

The 36sqm kitchen area works as a meeting and communication area for the 5-member family. The whole space is bright, friendly and practical - matching the architectural needs of the whole apartment.  The owner’s wife, is an enthusiastic cook - who loves to treat her family and guests with culinary meals. She wanted to have a central kitchen island with enough work surface for multi-course menus, an extensive view of the living room, and space for fresh herbs.

The family requests were accomplished with a fabulous result, the central element – the kitchen island with a dynamic shape - has a flowing HIMACS Solid Surface work surface with the same height as the extended dining area for meals, resulting in a dynamic social area for all members of the family.  The use of HIMACS was essential to achieve the 3-dimensional flowing thermoformed surface, while keeping it robust and warm to the touch. The Alpine White shade reflects the hygienic cleanliness, which is necessary for a big family kitchen.

All surfaces in the kitchen are made of HIMACS, even the kitchen drawers. Only the preparation area, which is directly adjacent to the induction cooker is made of stainless steel.  Attention to detail was the key when designing the kitchen, flat-fronted base units, HIMACS thermoformed frontals on the cabinets, a soft, linear bench in the seating area, and skirting lighting to compliment the natural light from the windows.

Architecture & Design Project A01 Architects, ZT GmbH – Austria
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Photo Credit Nadine Blanchard
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