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Air Kitchen: a flight of fantasy designed by deVOL and constructed with HIMACS

The designers at deVOL are inspired by the most innovative and timeless icons of the twentieth century. Thanks to the combination of classic materials and craftsmanship techniques with HIMACS, the Latest Generation Acrylic Stone, the Air Kitchen comes into being as a reflection of a design era that was driven by a new spirit of adventure in search of the true feeling of freedom.

With its vintage aesthetics, Air’s simple lines emulate iconic objects such as the cars of the period, the hulls of traditional boats, the Airstream caravan or the sensuous Lockheed Lounge chair by Marc Newson, a futuristic reinterpretation of the original chaise longue from 1988 made of fibreglass. 

The Air reinterpretation features a combination of a curved wooden structure and aluminium laminated panels, so that the islands seem to float in space and the vertical cabinets set the style for the rounded contours of the kitchen, thanks to stainless steel legs that remind one of pods that have just landed. To keep the lines pure and intact, the doors and drawers have been designed to facilitate a convenient, single-touch opening system.

Paul O’Leary, founder of deVOL, explains the initial challenge of the Air design project: “I really wanted it to be curvy, retro, sleek and floaty, reminiscent of some of the most desirable things that I find really emotive; things that my heart wants but my head says I can’t have.”

A fusion of craftsmanship and modernity thanks to HIMACS

In a minimalist, elegant atmosphere, the kitchen’s attraction is in its elegant and undulating shapes, which evoke some of the most famous and iconic retro items of the last century. 

Thanks to its versatility and thermo-formable qualities, HIMACS® proved essential in meeting the functionality and design requirements for this kitchen. “What we really love about acrylic stone is the wide range of colours for every taste, and its softness to the touch, unlike other cold surfaces like glass,” say the professionals of deVOL.

The smooth, non-porous surface of HIMACS makes cleaning easy and also ensures a high degree of resistance to sources of heat and to regular use of domestic disinfectants. This means the kitchen is totally hygienic and particularly suited to contact with food.


Location DeVOL Showroom, Cotes Mill, Leicestershire, UK
Architecture & Design DeVol kitchens Ltd
Material used HIMACS - Alpine White, Grey, Midnight Grey, Sky Blue, Mazarin Blue, Light Green, Ruby and Orange.
Photo Credit Tim Cooper
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