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HIMACS: Kook & Karan by Karim Rashid

Another success in the kitchen for HIMACS

The merger of Karim Rashid's futuristic vision with the extraordinary properties of HIMACS, the latest-generation acrylic stone, has given rise toKook and Karan, two kitchens manufactured by Aran Cucine, remarkable for their ultimate originality.

The exclusive concept of Kook, which was presented at Eurocucina 2012(Milan International Furniture Fair), is distinguished by sinuous silhouettes and an entirely innovative ergonomic design, which was made possible due to the excellent properties of HIMACS which proved essential to facilitate the shape and functional requirements of this fabulous kitchen.

The worktop used in the Kook model, which is more than 90 cm deep, allows an improved layout of the hob and sink zones, as well as making it more user-friendly.

The starring role of the ambitious project by Karim Rashid, aside from the latest-generation acrylic stone, is light, with LEDs arranged underneath the worktop, which highlight the magenta coloured aluminium groove. There are also LEDs inside the wall unit which illuminate the edge of the glass, giving the kitchen a dramatic appearance. 

The concept of Karan on the other hand, is based on an island, with a tapered silhouette, which encourages conviviality. When not in use, the mixer tap and LED light withdraw into the worktop. The simple addition of a multi-purpose chopping board which fits over the sink creates a handy dining area.  Soft curves continue on the kitchen's wall-mounted unit. An opening with rounded edges provides a space for cooking and food preparation within the unit. 

Owing to the excellent thermoformability properties of HIMACS, which make it possible to form the material into an infinite range of shapes, and realise any designer’s dream. Aran Cucine was able to produce, thanks to Karim Rashid's visionary idea, two exclusive concepts featuring a soft and fluid design, of extraordinary beauty, whilst still adhering to hygiene and production issues. 
The smooth and absolutely non-porous surface of the acrylic stone makes for easy cleaning and also ensures extreme resistance to sources of heat and household chemicals. It is hygienic and therefore especially suitable for contact with food. 

HIMACS once again proves to be worthy of the most exciting projects.


Architecture & Design Karim Rashid
Fabrication Aran Cucine
Photo Credit Valter Baldan
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