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HIMACS: Digiplay - Stone Bench

Digiplay - Stone Bench

After a very colourful and graphic table collection, Digiplay expands its range with a bulky bench, “carved” from a stone block. This XXL modular bench perfectly spruces up large parks and public spaces, making these areas more comfortable. Made from HIMACS material and available in white, black & white, purple or multi-coloured, Stone creates the impression of being carved from a block of stone, yet keeps its visual lightness thanks to its hollow interior. Stone benches can be attached together side by side to form large benches. HIMACS proved to be the perfect material for this project. Its combination of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments creates a smooth, non-porous and seamless surface and meets the highest aesthetic, manufacturing, functional and hygienic standards, making it superior to traditional materials in many respects.

Architecture & Design Christophe MAYER
Material used HI-MACS available in many different colours
Fabrication ATI
Photo Credit ©Christophe Mayer