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HIMACS: Luxury on the rooftops of Munich

Luxury on the rooftops of Munich: HIMACS relaxation area with a panoramic view

From the roof of this luxury apartment building in the centre of Munich, you can admire the breath-taking views of the Bavarian capital and the neighbouring Alps.

The rooftop terrace, entirely made of HIMACS, is a unique place to discover. From the floor to the kitchen, by way of the furniture, nothing was left to chance in this tiny piece of paradise of only 8x8 metres, with an Ibiza style, in the heart of one of the largest cities in Germany.

Peace and harmony of summer

The building’s original pitched roof covered with copper sheeting was converted into a flat surface covered with steel sheets. Today, HIMACS panels, in the colour "New Moon", shaped to make them look like parquet flooring, cover the entire floor of the terrace. The UV-resistant Solid Surface material keeps the floor sparkling clean, and protects it from bad weather.

When you arrive on this rooftop terrace, surrounded by a glass balustrade, the magnificent view is immediately apparent. And the care with which every millimetre has been used infuses a sence of harmony and peace, reflecting the warmth and style of the beaches of Ibiza.

The large relaxation area with a U-shaped sitting area is made entirely of HIMACS, which offers guests maximum comfort. Each end can be used as a seat or for storage and the side tables can even be connected to the chairs and sofas. Their light grey and waterproof trim blends into the overall style, and the contrasting light turquoise cushions and towels add a "summery" touch.

Two HIMACS tables with a pearlescent finish reside in the centre, with recessed plinths, which give them a unique sence of lightness.

To the left, there is a custom kitchen unit, also designed in HIMACS. Under its seamless 1.5-metre-long hood, you will find two sinks and additional storage space. Three doors hide storage for kitchenware, as well as a refrigerator and a small dishwasher. When the hood is closed, this piece of furniture is designed to be completely waterproof, thanks in particular to the properties of HIMACS, a non-porous and water-resistant material.

A large Soliday awning connected to a high quality stainless steel structure provides shade from the sun and creates a relaxing corner to enjoy in the summer, even in the hottest weather.

Sun, water and a gentle breeze

On the other side of the rooftop, a wooden terrace invites you to relax and unwind. The 1.9x1.6-meter area, ideal for two people, is suitable for sunbathing and enjoying a magnificent view of the roofs of Munich.

The cube-shaped unit, which can be opened via its solid stainless steel hinges and built-in lift top mechanism, can be used as a solarium as well as for storing and protecting bath towels from bad weather. HIMACS is completely moisture resistant.

Another highlight found on the opposite side is a stunning fountain. With its overlapping mosaic patterns, its dimensions (1.2x1.2x0.35 metres) and its wide edge to sit on, this fountain is the ideal place to cool off during hot sunny days.

The circulating pump with built-in water drain pipe was placed in the centre of the fountain. HIMACS is also frost-resistant, so even the harshest winters cannot damage its contemporary design.

The designers successfully combined the benefits of a breath-taking view with a design incorporating elegant and refined details, offering optimal comfort in a typical Ibiza style.


Location Munich, Germany
Architecture & Design Karl Dreer GmbH, Germany
Material used HIMACS, New Moon, Ice Queen, Babylon Beige, Grey
Fabrication Karl Dreer GmbH, Germany
Photo Credit © Melanie Gotschke
Other HIMACS supplier: Klöpfer Surfaces, Germany
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