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HIMACS: MDF Italia furniture collection

MDF Italia furniture collection

Milan design firm MDF ITALIA chose HIMACS new generation acrylic stone for its stunning furniture line because of its long list of technical and aesthetic qualities.

HIMACS is featured in their hyper-modern table collection, a signature style for MDF Italia.  



Created by Bruno Fattorini for MDF Italia, the production process for the EXT TABLE is very avant-garde, with 9 mm HIMACS panels forming an extremely high-quality surface offering high-end technical performance. The table comes with 60 cm extensions that fit between guiderails under the tabletop or you can just use one on either side.


A family of tables and console pieces with built-in wire grommets, DESK tables are perfect for office or home. Made with a combination of natural or shiny oxide-coated aluminum for the base and HIMACS Solid Surface tabletops. These tables are available in four layouts.


This striking and chic stretched table features a tabletop that is sunken into the base – a clever design that doesn't require hardware. With 9 mm HIMACS panels forming the tabletops, the entire piece is completely watertight, food-safe and sturdy.

Architecture & Design Bruno Fattorini
Material used HIMACS Alpine white
Fabrication MDF Italia
Photo Credit Controluce Studio Fotografico