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HIMACS: Nina Moeller Designs expands on her successful Slatted Chair Design

Nina Moeller Designs expands on her successful Slatted Chair Design: HIMACS CURVE Outdoor now available for public spaces

Nina Moeller Designs popular CURVE bench can be used in stunning outdoor areas to create a sinuous organic seating solution to open spaces. HIMACS is used to ensure that the benches are not only curvaceous and comfortable, but also able to withstand all weather conditions, from blazing sun to storms and cold. In keeping with the adaptable design of the indoor seat, CURVE Outdoor can be used as a single seat or joined with other units to form a seating arrangement that suits your needs.

“The design was inspired by nature - to link together and provide a sense of unity”, explains Nina Moeller, speaking about the modulability, natural shapes and forms of CURVE Bench. “Given the popularity of the original CURVE Bench and the wishes expressed by our clients to see CURVE in an outdoor setting, we knew we needed a material which could withstand all the elements. We were encouraged to explore the outstanding properties of the latest generation material HIMACS. “

HIMACS is the ideal material for this project. The ability to thermoform the curves was obviously crucial, but other properties of HIMACS were of equal importance. HIMACS is ideal for outdoor projects, as it is designed to withstand any weather conditions, including wind, rain and sun. The chair will look as in the years to come as it does today. Added to this, the solid surface material is hygienic, easy to maintain, and any small imperfections can be easily repaired.


Architecture & Design Nina Moeller
Material used HIMACS Alpine White S028
Fabrication Qubicle
Photo Credit © Nina Moeller Designs
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