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HIMACS: Ora-ito wall

HIMACS selected for dramatic wall sculpture at Wallpaper / Reebok exhibition in London

The natural acrylic stone material HIMACS was chosen by eminent French artist Ora-ïto for his entry into the recent Wallpaper/Reebok exhibition in London. Fabricated by Candido Hermida in Spain, HIMACS was selected for its outstanding properties, visual and tactile effects and the ability to offer the artist thermoforming capabilities that placed zero restriction on his vision and ability to create a stunning three-dimensional creation.

Five of the world’s leading creative artists were invited to participate and Ora-Ito’s contribution was an interpretation of the Reebok RealFlex shoe in the form of a wall-mounted installation made entirely from HIMACS.

The detail of Ora-Ito’s work was what he described as the “iconic sneaker soles”. In creating this by using HIMACS the designer was able to exercise various sculptural experiments taking inspiration from the RealFlex sole’s “hidden art” aspects, resulting in a topographic landscape made to touch and explore its own poetic qualities.

This amazing sculpture was fabricated by Candido Hermida, who commented,“To work for a top designer like Ora-Ito, is always a challenge and a pleasure, his creations are wonderful in terms of design, but inevitably extremely complex in terms of fabrication. In this case the fabrication complexity was mainly because we had to understand the design and determine how to program the software that controls the CNC machine automatically, in order to achieve the 3d shape required.”


Architecture & Design Ora-ïto, France
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication Candido Hermida, Spain
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