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HIMACS qualities for a gynecological clinic in Valencia

HIMACS qualities lead to an impeccable interior design at a gynecological clinic in Valencia

Designed by Fran Canós Studio, the project aimed to incorporate curved shapes into every space, a concept made possible thanks to the thermoformable properties of HIMACS.

The key concept was for the interior of the clinic to represent the anatomy of a pregnant woman. The end result is an exceptionally harmonious and flawless space, made possible thanks to the use of HIMACS in the Alpine White shade. The clean aesthetics of this clinic show off each and every one of the qualities of the material used: pliable to unprecedented limits, completely seamless, and extremely hygienic.

From the walls running around the whole space to the design of the furnishings, curves are present everywhere in the clinic. “We were looking for a clean, organic design, removing straight lines and creating a totally unique personal stamp for the clinic,” explains Fran Canós, engineer and founder of Fran Canós Studio.

One of the most striking features of the project is the bespoke design of the interior furnishings, including three prominent room dividers that separate the space. These blocks have a characteristic and distinctive geometry bordering on a sculptural style, which was one of the aesthetic aims sought throughout the entire project development. 

The material chosen to achieve the personality, functionality, and hygiene of the space – the latter of which is of key importance in a medical clinic such as this – was HIMACS in the iconic Alpine White colour.

The exceptional properties of this material meant it was used both for the exterior of the clinic on the façade and perimeter frame of the main entrance, as well as for its interior, where the pure white of HIMACS Alpine White form the clinic’s two reception desks, three room dividers, two tables, two bespoke sinks and another single sink, plus two niches clad on four sides.

In addition to the curved lines that divide up the space, there is a striking nod to the project’s conceptual aim with two bespoke sinks in the bathrooms. Taking advantage of the thermoformable properties of HIMACS, Fran Canós Studio designed two markedly minimalist sinks, where the sinuous curves recall a woman’s body during pregnancy and even the cradle of a newborn baby.  

The real design challenge lay in creating a space with different areas connecting to one another, as well as making some of the furnishings part of this uniformity too. With this synergy between the different elements, the interior of this clinic seeks to provide a connection and intimate affinity between the patients and the space, something the simplicity and serenity of the Alpine White shade of HIMACS achieves.

Another important quality of this material, which plays a dual role in the different spaces, is its completely smooth, non-porous surface. The absence of pores and seams throughout enables HIMACS to meet the highest hygiene standards, and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. 

The various radii created in the different curves of the furnishings and walls make it possible for the interior of the clinic to attain a spacious, relaxed design. This impression increases with the incorporation of the ceiling lamps, whose diffuse light adds additional softness to the space.   

Thanks to the thermoformable properties of HIMACS, the entire space benefits from a dynamic, harmonious geometry. This design is apparent immediately, from the façade of the practice which is also executed in HIMACS, where the design features curved lines in the doorframes and windows.

The absence of any seams, together with the material’s excellent hygienic properties, thanks to its completely non-porous surface, make HIMACS the ideal material for use in sanitary spaces and other health-related areas, where direct contact makes cleanliness a top priority.

“In choosing the material, we based our search on three essential requirements. The first was that it had to technically achieve the design of the space. Second, it had to be highly durable over time and, finally, but no less importantly, it had to be easy to clean. HIMACS met all those requirements,” explains Fran Canós.

In addition to the ambitious design of this gynecological clinic, Fran Canós Studio has many other projects that make up its successful back catalog. One of its most prominent works is the reconstruction project for Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the only Spanish project selected as one of the 50 best out of the nearly 300 ideas submitted from 60 different countries. Furthermore, in 2018 the studio won the Red Dot Award, the world’s most prestigious product design competition.

Location Valencia, Spain
Architecture & Design Fran Canós Studio
Material used HIMACS Alpine White
Fabrication VF Superficies Sólidas
Photo Credit © Lope Matías
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