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HIMACS Terrazzo chosen for Contentful’s new offices

HIMACS Terrazzo chosen by toi toi toi creative studio for Berlin-based startup Contentful’s new offices

toi toi toi creative studio (affectionately known as T3) was enlisted to create an inviting and fresh entrance, café-dining space, meeting rooms and agile, tech-focused team spaces for the brand new offices of Berlin-based start-up Contentful. The designers have chosen HIMACS in the shade Terrazzo Classico for the curvy and seamless furniture in the building.

The Berlin-based startup Contentful is one of the most influential technology companies worldwide and has already achieved Unicorn status. Today, more than 750 people from over 70 nations work at three main facilities and sites worldwide. Berlin is one of them. The B2B company stands for innovation like no other. Situated in a state-of-the-art building with striking architecture and a generous glass façade, this branch has about 350 employees and their "New Work" was created on five floors. Flexible office space offers developers, designers, content creators and other creative minds an impressive working environment - complemented by the innovative ideas of the Berlin creative studio T3.

Founded and operated by designers Melissa Amarelo and Stephanie Lund, T3 design innovative and curious spaces that spark joy. From space planning and furniture design to innovation research, the team accepts customer orders for exceptional creations. The studio founders applied their integrative design approach to the interior design of the five-story office complex. Organic shapes and a design that is as exceptional as it is captivating, combined with innovative materials, elevate the architecture and provide visitors with an absolute wow effect. When it comes to first impressions, the reception area arguably makes the perfect first impression. In keeping with the motto "welcome, sit, relax," this spacious, open and inviting area encourages you to linger.

The furniture elements such as the reception desk, the seating, even the integrated planters, are all unique elements with round shapes for maximum harmony. To turn these designs from T3 into reality, a specific material was needed that on the one hand had to be mouldable with invisible joins, and on the other hand, have a noble-looking surface. The solution: HIMACS solid surface material. After all, it is the creative mind of an architect that develops a good idea into a brilliant design, but the material determines whether the design can be realised. HIMACS offers exactly these special features; it is versatile and inspiring, making it perfect for dramatic buildings and installations. The thermoforming ability of the material was used for the reception area as the material can be moulded into virtually any shape. Nearly any design can be realised with it - in this case the organically shaped seating and counter elements. The filigree-looking furniture takes its position in the center of the ground floor and immediately catches the eye, thanks to its shape and colour. Terrazzo Classico from the Terrazzo collection by HIMACS was used.

“We softened the hard edges of the modern building with natural, warm furnishing elements and complemented this very modern design with sustainably rated materials and vintage pieces to create agile spaces with a new standard," explains Stephanie Lund Co-Founder & Creative Director of toi toi toi creative studio.

A delicately curved reception counter is the visitors' first destination. The curved counter shape conveys an inviting atmosphere; thanks to the recessed base, the counter looks light and elegant despite its size of almost 3.3 meters. The furniture piece has two full-fledged workstations with thin cable outlets on the top, storage space and an invisible work area. In day-to-day reception routines, the robustness and ease of cleaning of the HIMACS solid surface material come into play. Stains can be easily wiped off with a cloth and water. Stubborn stains can be removed by using a cleaning agent, without leaving any residue. Even minor scratches or signs of wear can be easily polished away with fine sandpaper. The material is very forgiving, perfect for high-traffic areas.

The seat element continues the curved shape of the reception. The seating areas consist of a variety of HIMACS elements, which seem to be one big entity – without joins. Plinths, fronts, surfaces and planters are all made of HIMACS and appear to have been cast as one piece. The bonding technology delivers a perfect result not only visually, but also technically. The non-porous, absolutely smooth and visually seamless surface also offers the ideal basis for the highest hygiene requirements. “HIMACS was the perfect choice of material because it is so flexible to shape. Overall, the seating areas and the desk looked like one single object, and that's what we wanted to achieve," explains Stephanie Lund. The curves of the reception counter and seating areas create a sense of supple elements. At the same time, the different heights of the HIMACS elements interact with the volume of the interior.

 The use of sustainable and durable materials was at the top of the list of material choices. Thanks to the sustainable aspects of HIMACS, and also its impermeability to dirt, bacteria, etc., the solid surface material was also able to score points here. Since designers and customers focus on sustainability, they have deliberately opted for a material that is as timelessly representative and durable as HIMACS.

On the first floor, an IT Help Desk is also made from the same Terrazzo Classico HIMACS solid surface material. The IT department schedule specific times to make themselves available to workplace staff who can utilise their expertise for tech help and enquiries.


Location Berlin, Germany
Architecture & Design toi toi toi creative studio
Material used HIMACS Terrazzo Classico Q001
Fabrication Markmann & Sabban Objekteinrichtung - Carpentry Work: Discher Tischlerei GmbH
Photo Credit koy & winkel fotografie
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