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A mural with the ‘Wow’ factor

A project implemented with HIMACS for an innovative dental clinic in Madrid.

After months of meticulous work, the renovated Pedroche dental clinic, designed by interior designers from Segadestudio, finally opens its doors. The result of the renovation has been so striking and spectacular that tourists and locals are stopping to photograph the entrance hall of the clinic, which is located near Atocha station. HIMACS has been used to construct different elements in the renovation of this space, among which an impressive and curvaceous illuminated mural catches the eye. 

The specialists’ task was to create a clinic that would convey the professional excellence, capacity and cutting-edge surgery performed there. At the same time, the space had to be patient-friendly and had to entice people to visit the clinic, while steering clear of convention design and traditional elements. According to the interior designer and owner of Segadestudio, Yolanda Segade, the aim was to design a space in which patients would feel pampered, and this became the ‘mantra’ throughout the design process. 

The objective was to turn dental visits into a pleasant experience. “The fundamental challenge was to unite concepts such as state-of-the-art design and comfort, without losing sight of all the professional and personal needs that must be met in a dental clinic with these characteristics,” explains the project’s interior designer. Therefore, after assessing materials, furniture and lighting, it was concluded that HIMACS was one of the materials that would be perfect for the renovation of this space, because as well as providing a modern design, it is very easy to clean and maintain, and does not accumulate dirt, properties which make it ideal for a medical environment. 

A mural that catches the eye from outside the clinic

One of the most outstanding features of this renovation is the impressive mural made of HIMACS S028 Alpine White in the clinic’s reception. The choice of material was obvious, because, according to Segade, “HIMACS accurately replicates the design on paper. It is flexible, thermoformable and translucent, and it is perfect for a 3D design, without visible joints that detract from the concept. It also has a perfect smooth finish.” 

Hence, the result has been an imposing curvaceous mural measuring 5 linear metres from floor to ceiling, with an accompanying planter and integrated lighting that make it stand out even more in the entrance to the clinic. 
The aim of the project was to make patients to feel comfortable, which is why a warm, pleasant environment that emanates cosiness had to be created. Therefore, the studio designed a wall with curved lines in a bold style, which is now one of the bastions of the design. In the words of Segade: “Curved and rounded shapes are an undisputed trend. We started with this concept as the guiding principle for the entire project, and what better way to start enjoying it than with this solid surface mural that embraces the space, and entices people into the clinic.”
Moreover, the mural incorporates LED lights that provide more light to the space, creating an interplay between lights and shadows that enhance the beauty of the mural. 
Beyond the mural, a modern counter can be seen that replicates the curved nature of the mural. It is a large piece made of HIMACS Alpine White and is illuminated, and has a relief logo also made of the solid surface material. 

Quality, beauty and safety

HIMACS was also chosen for purely operational spaces such as the professionals’ offices and surgery rooms. HIMACS has international certifications that guarantee its resistance to mould, dirt, viruses, bacteria and a range of chemical products. Its smooth, non-porous surface with invisible joints meets the highest quality standards when it comes to hygiene, functionality, appearance and manufacturing, which is what makes HIMACS one of the preferred materials for the healthcare industry. As well as its hygienic properties, we should not forget its versatility for design and its easy cleaning and maintenance. As well as this, HIMACS produces no emissions, is highly resistant to knocks, chemicals and scratches and has a long life cycle.
To sum up, the hygienic properties of the solid surface material have made it an ideal material for spaces that require a high level of cleanliness and safety, such as sterilisation rooms and cabinets where it has been used as counter tops and for drawers, providing the necessary divisions for the storage of medical instruments. At the same time, due to health requirements, it has also been used for the curved perimeter skirting of the operating room.

Clear messages

To indicate the names of the rooms, Segadestudio has designed screen prints in the HIMACS Alpine White tone that subtly guide patients to the different rooms. 

Curved bathrooms
The clinic’s bathrooms, like the entire space, also make patients feel calm, as they combine white tones with wood in a serene environment,, without unnecessary decoration. The curvature of the public bathroom's sink made of HIMACS and the small mosaic pieces that can be seen on some of the walls and floors of the bathroom spaces give a small touch of glamour.
HIMACS has been chosen for this project, because it combines exceptional hygienic properties with infinite design possibilities, the result of which is a timeless and elegant design. 

Location Madrid, Spain
Architecture & Design Yolanda Segade - Segadestudio
Material used HIMACS S028 Alpine White
Photo Credit Estudio Paloma Pacheco
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