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A blend of design and craftsmanship at a Belgian bakery shop with HIMACS at the fore

A blend of design and craftsmanship at a Belgian bakery shop with HIMACS at the fore

Working with the Kletz interior design studio, the well-known brand Aerts Speculaas has renovated its store in Lokeren, Belgium. The end result is a bright space with an air of the Mediterranean that preserves the original essence of this family business, which opened in 1913.

“No one said that modernity was incompatible with tradition” was the motto of Aerts Speculaas, and designers from Kletz Studio rose to the challenge of giving the store a makeover that would uphold its history and its personality.

The interior designers responsible for all aspects of the project, from the initial design, right through to the final delivery, focused on “demonstrating the strength of combining an attractive design with appropriate materials to achieve the appearance of a modern-day yet traditional space.” This homage to the heritage of the bakery shop and the culture of its origins, is visible in the attractive counter, constructed in HIMACS, which is the shape of a Belgian speculaas, a cookie traditionally served at Christmas.

To magnify the store’s brightness and space, Kletz used HIMACS Alpine White, whose elegance and pureness give the counter the prominence it deserves. “The counter’s design is characterized by rounded corners and smooth edges, and the use of HIMACS acrylic stone helps to create a sensation of warmth and openness,” the designers explain.

During the renovations, the priority was to ensure that the central display case would highlight the Aerts Speculaas products, while maximizing hygiene in the surrounding area, qualities for which HIMACS is the ideal solution, thanks to its uniform, non-porous surface that is resistant to germs, scratches and dirt.

The designers wanted to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and draw attention to the products, in order to attract consumers: the store’s minimalism and the extensive use of the colour white provide a counterbalance to industrial-style shelving, in a perfect blend between classic and contemporary.

This combination of retail strategy and intelligent design extends to the ledge around the counter, designed in Sky Blue from the HIMACS Solids Collection, whose flowing shape hugs the form of the counter. This feature is convenient for customers but also guarantees a space that is hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to maintain.

In addition, the use of this striking hue contributes to the aim of blending a modern, Mediterranean style with the traditional, colourful character of the floor tiles, which are a throwback to the early days of this family business.  

Aerts Speculaas has been operating in Belgium since 1913. The business started out as a family bakery in Sombeke, in the Flemish part of the country. Little by little, the company began to specialize in the small-scale production of speculaas, a traditional Christmas cookie, which has since become its flagship product.

Location Lokeren, Belgium
Architecture & Design Kletz
Material used Alpine White S028 and Sky Blue S203
Fabrication Kletz
Photo Credit Kletz
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